Noddy House Playset Review

Spinmaster has released a new modern Noddy toy range this Autumn, and this Noddy House Playset is one of them. We were given this playset to review and the girls were so excited when they saw the box. The playset contains a Noddy figure, Rev the car and a removable spaceship bed. We were also given two other figures. This colourful house comes with a side that attaches to the side and a lift that makes a noise when it goes up and down.

The girls have had hours of fun playing with Noddy's House and using their imaginations. I have always loved the girls playing with toys like this as they can use their imagination and I love listening to them making up their own stories about what kinds of adventures Noddy and co are going to have.

Overall; I would really recommend this Noddy House Playset. This would be the perfect Christmas present for Noddy lovers. Mia and Elliw have had hours of fun playing with Noddy and his house. The house is a sturdy strong plastic, which is great for children as they always drop things. This house is available at most stores, and out now.

As you can see, the girls love their new Noddy House Playset! 

* We were given this item free of charge, in return for an honest review.
As always, all words, photos and opinions are my own.

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