Reasons Why The Bathroom Is A Mum's Favourite Place

Parenthood is hard. It's exhausting and every Mum deserves a break but sometimes we can't get a break when we want. So that is when the bathroom becomes our best friend and our best hide out (for most anyway!) There are many reasons bathrooms are great for us Mums to 'hide' from the kids just to have that two minute peace and quiet.

Looking after children is exhausting. It can be exhausting just listening to them talk all day and it's even worse when you haven't had a proper adult conversation all day. Even when we go to toilet we may just stay in there that little bit longer... until the kids start knocking the door or coming in if the door is unlocked! That's when you know your time is up.

When there's kids about, the whole house can feel hectic. You can feel like your mind is going to explode because you just can't concentrate. You've given your whole attention to your child, you want two minutes to read something, but you can't. Head off to the bathroom and take two minutes to yourself and just concentrate a little.

The Room We Break Down In
Yup. Many of times us Mums will have had enough and head off to the bathroom, lock the door and just burst into tears. It's not fair for the kids to have to see a parent cry (unless we can't hold back the tears), so going to the bathroom to let it all out means they don't have to see us so upset.

Keep Your Sanity
Being around the kids all day can make you feel a little insane. It doesn't help when it's pouring down outside either, which means you're stuck indoors unless you don't mind getting soaked. Going to the bathroom, locking the door and just take 5 minutes.

Do you like to 'chill out' in the bathroom (when you can)?

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