Make Reading Fun With Your Children

My girls have always loved a bed time story. We always try and read some different books most nights before they go to sleep but they always have that favourite book they love. Mia is currently at the stage of wanting to read herself now, so I try to make sure we have books that are suitable for her age and suitable for her to try and read the book herself. Otherwise, I read the book to all three children whilst snuggled up in bed. Most nights I will do a few things such as asking questions about the book so they can also learn, as well as having fun. 

Here are a few other ways you can learn and have fun reading a book with your children:

1. Ask Questions About The Book
After you finished reading the book. Go back through it and ask questions. Some questions you could ask are:
"What was your favourite bit about the book?"
Ask what a certain character was called
Ask what kind of adventures they had (if it's about adventures)

2. Choose a bright and colourful book
There's nothing worse for a child to sit and listen to a boring book. Children love bright colours, something they can be interested in. This is also great to keep their attention.

3. Use different voices for different characters
It can be boring listening to the same voice and accent. Try and do different voices for different characters, make them jolly if their characters are jolly or mad if they're grumpy. 

4. Ask questions during the book
Whilst reading the story book, ask the kid some questions during the story. Maybe some counting or asking what colours etc. 

5. Get the kids involved
You could get the kids involved by asking them to make some noises or be certain characters in the book. You could also ask them to read a few sentences. 

Gordon's Great Escape is a children's book written by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. Sue and Paul are award winning creatort of Supertato. Gordon's Great Escape is a story about going on adventures and showing the dangers there of being a balloon. The girls loved this book and we had so much fun reading it. The book is out October 20th for £6.99

* We were given Gordon's Great Escape book free of charge in return of a post.

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