3 Reason Why I'm Glad I Decided To Breastfeed

When I fell pregnant with my first child I knew straight away that I wanted to formula bottle feed her. I had no information about breastfeeding and if I am quite honest - I was not interested either. I felt too young in myself to breastfeed as I had just turned 17 years old. When I had my second child at 19 years old I decided to formula feed again but a few weeks down the line I regretted my choice and wish I had more encouragement and information about breastfeeding to somehow change my mind. However, since then I regretted my decision to formula feed my second child and so I promised myself if I ever had another child, I would breastfeed.

I found out I was pregnant with my third child and the first thing I thought about was "I'm going to breastfeed!". Throughout my pregnancy I was nervous, asking questions to Mums who had breastfed their children and the closer I was getting the more nervous I was getting. I was nervous about the negativity and nervous in case I would find it hard or unable to do it. I always told myself that if I found breastfeeding hard then I would still carry on and not give up. 2 months in and I'm still at it and I am pretty proud of myself for doing so. 

It's Free!
I was surprised at the cost of formula when I went to look at them during my pregnancy. We are saving around £40-£50 (or more) a month! That is over £400 a year. Up to now we have already saved ourselves over £100 by breastfeeding. I have bought a manual breastpump which I have used twice but that only cost me £15. I can't even justify myself in buying formula for the price it's at right now. 

No fuss, more room in changing bag
I really do not miss the hassle of cleaning and steralising bottles throughout the day and making sure they are ready through the day and through the night for feeds. The first few weeks whilst getting ready it actually felt so good and nice that I didn't have to prepare any bottles to go out - which meant I had more room in the changing bag! Bonus! 

The Bond
I have the experience of breastfeeding and formula bottle feeding and I must admit the bond with breastfeeding is different. I am not saying I love my girls any less, because I don't. But the bond with breastfeeding is somehow different and it's special. Knowing that you are the one that is making your little one grow is just an amazing feeling. Having those extra cuddles and those beautiful eyes staring up on you whilst you're feeding is just amazing.

No Night Time Spills
One thing I hated about formula feeding was the night time feeds. I would be half asleep preparing bottles and half of the time I would miss the bottle and the formula would go on the counter instead. I hate the counting scoops as I'd loose count. With breastfeeding all I hate to do is take my vest down, lay him next to me and there we go, he feeds! 

This post is written from my experience with breastfeeding and formula feeding and just the reasons I am glad I decided to breastfeed third time round. Please do not take offence to anything I have written. 

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