7 Ways To Help A New Mum

Having a newborn baby is exciting but also really exhausting. Sleepless nights, getting used to life with a newborn after your body going through labour and giving birth is exhausting. Although newborn babies just cry, feed and sleep it may not sound much or exhausting at all but it is. Mums are very vulnerable in the first few weeks after giving birth, so it is important to let her know that you are there for her - whenever (if she needs you). There are a few ways you can help a new Mum in the first few weeks:

If the Mum has other children; offer to take them out
If the Mum has other children, take them out for a few hours or over night. Although Mum will still be with the newborn, there will be less stress and less things for Mum to do with one less child/ren in the house. It will give her a chance to relax a little before her other children come back home.

Take baby for a walk
This is a maybe. Some Mums don't want to part from their newborn. But if they don't mind, you can take baby out for a walk for a couple of hours whilst the Mum either catches up on sleep, goes for a walk herself or just relax.

Offer to clean the house
The last thing on a new Mum's mind is house work. You could offer to do some washing, the hoovering or even the dishes. Something small can be a huge help!

Be there for her!
You don't want to interfere too much but let her know you are there whenever she will need you. A quick text asking how she is, a visit or a phone call is showing you're there.

Bring her some food
Looking after a newborn and being sleep deprived can be so exhausting. She may not have time to cook for herself as she's too busy, so why not surprise her with a cake/snacks or even a cooked meal. She will really appreciate it.

Ask if she needs anything
Phone or text her to ask if she wants anything from the shop or anywhere else, spare her going out.

Don't think because I have more children that I don't need help
Just because someone may have more than one child - doesn't mean they don't need any help. Be there for her! She is just like any other new Mum with a newborn - but her work is harder!

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