Just Another Linky - Happy 1st of October!

Happy Saturday and welcome to #justanotherliny. A linky where you can link up any two posts, any genre from all kinds of bloggers around the world. I need to apologise for last week. Things got on top of me and I was unable to run last weeks linky and I haven't had time to read all posts yet - life got in the way, I apologise. This week is back to normal so I look forward to reading your posts.

As always: This linky is for all bloggers. Link up any kind of posts but remember don't link and jump! Be sure to read the guidelines below before linking.


*  G U I D E L I N E S *

1. You can link up one or two posts, no more
2. If you link up to #justanotherlinky, I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to comment on the post just before yours and 2 others {and more if you can}
3. It would be great if you could comment on host post - but you don't have too! 
4. Any topics/blogs allowed but must be family-friendly
5. Link must lead directly to a blog post
6. Remember to leave #justanotherlinky when commenting

- Please do not link up more than two posts

- Linky is now open from Saturday until Monday 11.55pm. 

* S O C I A L  M E D I A *


- Feel free to tweet your post to me @lifeasmumblog and @mylifeasamummyx and use the #justanotherlinky hashtag, we shall re-tweet you
- If we are not following you, please leave a comment on this page and let us know Or tweet us!
- If you would like to be reminded on the morning of when the linky is open, do let us know

We do have a Facebook page. Which you can find here. It would be great if you could all join, pretty please! It's basically a support page and a page you can share you posts. I will do a weekly thread too. More details to come on the page. 







Now all there is to do is, link up :) Enjoy! 


  1. Hi Beth, life with three little ones must be crazy. And as long as you are hanging onto your sanity, you are doing a good job! Linkies sometimes have to come second.

    Big hugs and thank you for hosting.


  2. Life sure has a way of getting busy sometimes, doesn't it? Have a great weekend!


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