11 Things I Didn't Know About Breastfeeding

This time last year, I knew nothing about breastfeeding. I had no idea how often they fed; I had no idea how hard it would be, and in these four months, I've learnt a lot. During my pregnancy, I had no support off midwives about breastfeeding except for that one phone call I had, one week before I gave birth. She said she would call back to arrange to meet up and chat - but it never happened. I asked a few questions to a couple of friends who had breastfed their babies, but I was still pretty much clueless about the whole thing.

What Are Nap Times?
They just don't nap. Freddie is awful at nap times through the day - he just doesn't have one. If he does then, it's a 30 odd minute nap (sometimes more, sometimes less). He may sleep longer if we are in a moving car or his pram for a walk, but he will eventually wake up in either. He

They Use You As a Comfort
There will be days (most days) where your baby will use your breast as a comfort. Being close to you makes them feel safe and relaxed. Freddie does this daily and it is the only way he will fall asleep.

Right Breast Produces More Milk
This is something that has interest me. Apparently, 75% of women produce more milk on their right breast than their left. How interesting? I have always produced more milk on my right breast than my left.

The First Few Days Are Painful
After having Mia and Elliw, I remember my breasts being rock hard and swollen because of the milk drying up. Of course, I knew it was going to happen again, but I had no idea how painful it was to feed. Those first few days were the worst and most painful times during breastfeeding.

Milk Squirting
I had read and heard about milk squirting everywhere but I remember the first time it happened, and it went straight onto Freddie's face, it was pretty hilarious. It's a bugger during the night - especially if your pad leaks through.

Nipple Cream Will Be Your Best Friend
Your nipples can get extremely sore, especially if your baby is cluster feeding. Nipple Cream has been a huge help for me for soothing the pain of sore nipples. I'm 4 months into breastfeeding now, and I don't tend to use the cream every day anymore, but for three whole months, I did.

They Can Suck! 
Ouch. They can leave you horrible black bruises/love bites. They can suck hard, real hard.

Your Boobs Will Grow!
Some women experience engorgement if they haven't fed from the breast for a while. This is one reason it's advised to take turns on each breast or swap in between feeds. It can be painful but is less painful once baby has fed from that breast.

Nursing Bras Are Needed
If you want to feed comfortably, then I would recommend some comfortable nursing bras.

Cluster Feeding
I had no idea how exhausting cluster feeding is. I had no idea breastfed babies cluster fed. Freddie cluster feeds during the evenings and when he was really bad with cluster feeding he would feed literally every 30 minutes - 1 hours and I was exhausting.

Sitting Down Can Be Exhausting
To others who don't breastfeed, may think it's easy sitting down feeding but somehow, it can be so exhausting feeding all the time.

I have just started to walk around the house while Freddie is feeding on me or feeding when he is in the sling. You'll get the hang of it!

Certain Clothing
Since I've been breastfeeding, I have said no to a lot of clothing because they'd be too awkward to breastfeed. I wear shirts and baggy tops now as they are a lot more comfortable and easier for breastfeeding.

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