Christmas Wish List

Christmas is coming up, and even though I won't get many gifts, I always find myself searching online for items that I would love to buy myself or be given as a gift from someone else. I've noticed my wish list changes a bit each year, more and more items on my wish list are home items. Although we bought our home over 2 years ago, it's still not how we want it. We still have home items that we had when we first moved in together, over 6 years ago, so many items need updating.

Fridge: We've had the same fridge freezer for a few years now and wouldn't mind updating it. I would love a slimline fridge freezer. We have quite a small kitchen and there's only a small space for a fridge freezer, and a slimline fridge freezer would be perfect.

GHD's: I've never been a huge fan of styling my hair, but that is mainly because my hair has always been straight, up until a couple of years ago. I now need to straighten my hair for it to look decent and the straighteners I own at the moment are a bit dated and need updating.

PYJAMAS: I love cosying up in the evenings, especially in comfortable pyjamas. I had a few pyjamas last year, and I'd love some more this year. My favourite kind of pyjamas is cotton material and adorable prints. 

BOOTS: I've bought myself a couple of boots the past couple of months, but my day-to-day boots for the school runs have broken. So, receiving a new pair of boots off someone would be perfect. 

What have you got on your Christmas wish list?

* This is a collaborative post

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