Counting With Paw Patrol Playmat

Elliw is currently at the stage of learning her numbers. We are a welsh speaking family, and she goes to a Welsh-speaking school, so everything she learns is in Welsh, even her numbers. She can count to 10 in welsh and English but now, she is learning her numbers from 10-20. We were given some Paw Patrol number playmat's, and she was over the moon when we received them.

Each playmat has a picture of a character from one of the most loved children's show, Paw Patrol and a number from 1-8. We put the mat's together in shape of a hopscotch, and Elliw happily hopped on each number, while singing each number she landed on. I also mixed up some numbers and asked her to put them in the right order and another time I asked her what double-figure number it made.

Elliw has had a lot of fun with these mat's, and so has Mia. They have been well used since we received them to review. These mats would be the perfect gift for any Paw Patrol fan this Christmas or anytime throughout the year. The Paw Patrol mat's are colourful and fantastic quality which is perfect for kids.

These mats are from Tatamiz and are available in TJ Morris stores only.

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