KangaWrap Review

I was given a KangaWrap a few weeks before Freddie was born and I couldn't wait to try it out. Throughout my pregnancy with Freddie I was in two minds of purchasing a wrap/sling. So when I was asked to review one, I thought it was the perfect chance to see what I thought about the product. When I first opened the pack, I was shocked at how long the material was. After seeing photos of babies in their wraps on social media, I always wondered 'how were they safe?' and 'how do you do the wrap?'. The wrap is one huge/long piece of stretchy cloth type material. It's important that you follow the instructions and to keep the instructions for future, so your baby is put in the wrap safely.

The KangaWrap we received has often been used. Having two other children to look after and run around for, it's sometimes easier to just put Freddie in the wrap instead of taking the pram out. I use the wrap if we are doing a food shop or if I am visiting somewhere local such as a shop or sometimes a friends house. I know the wrap is securely on me, so I have two free hands which is great when you have other children to keep an eye on.

At first, I thought the wrap would be quite uncomfortable, but it has been the total opposite and comfortable since the first time I wore it when Freddie was roughly 3 weeks old. Freddie always looks snug in the wrap and loves looking around when he is in it. I had had many positive comments about the wrap off people when Freddie I was using it.

The wrap is perfect for all breastfeeding Mama's! I have breastfed Freddie while he is in the wrap, a few times. It's discreet and quite easy to do. If you are looking for a wrap/sling/carrier, I would recommend the KangaWrap. They are priced at just £44.99 which I personally think is a good price for what it is.

KangaWrap also offers a wrap for children.

* I was given this item, free of charge, in return for an honest review.
All photos and words are my own.

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