New Milestones, Teeth and Sunsets

This week Freddie has learnt how to reach out for his toys on his play gym and bouncy chair. He's not got the full hand for it yet but he is getting there. He's grown so much recently and watching him learn a new milestone is so exciting but sad at the same time because these are the last ever baby milestones I'll be watching. Also this week, I have noticed that Freddie has two bottom teeth, which makes sense to why he has been pretty unsettled the past few weeks during the evenings.

Watching him grow each day is amazing and I feel so lucky. It's sad that he is my last baby but I couldn't imagine having another baby after Freddie, our decision to have no more children feels right. Knowing he is my last baby makes me want the days to go slower. I try and take each and every single milestone in, I don't want to miss a thing. When I look back at photos of us as a family, it doesn't look right when we were a family of four. Looking at photos of us as a family of five, it just seems that's how it's always meant to be. I really couldn't imagine life without my little boy. I'm so proud of all three of my children.

We went out for a walk along the Menai Straits in Anglesey and it was just beautiful. We arrived at the perfect time when the sun was setting down. I just had to take photos of the views and the girls. The girls loved running around and taking in turns pushing Freddie in his pram. The walk made me realise how lucky I am having three healthy and beautiful children.

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