Brand New Twirlywoos Episodes Review

Freddie has started to take more interest in watching TV recently which is quite handy, so I can get a few things done. This means that I am back to watching Cbeebies every day. One of Freddie's favourite TV shows is the Twirlywoos. There are brand NEW Twirlywoos episodes starting on Cbeebies on the 28th of November 2016. We were given a chance to watch the brand NEW Twirlywoos episode and give our review.

We cosied up on the sofa to watch the brand NEW Twirlywoos episode. The episode lasts for just over 11 minutes, which is just enough time for a baby/toddler. In the brand NEW Twirlywoos episode, the Twirlywoos finds a man covering his car in cleaning foam. The man's machine breaks, so he has to go and get some tools to fix his machine but while he is away, getting his tools, the Twirlywoos get up to some mischief by investigating the spray nozzle, and when Chickedy and Chick have a go, they accidently spray the foam everywhere. The man returns to find out the place covered in foam. While the Twirlywoos are in The Big Red Boat, they receive a parcel. Inside the parcel is a snow cloud which eventually, snow covers the whole place!

* The Brand NEW Twirlywoos episodes air on CBeebies, 28th November 2016.

* This is a review post


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