Chubby Puppies & Friends Pet Fun Centre Playset Review

We were given the Chubby Puppy playset in return for an honest review, and once the girls saw the boxes, they couldn't wait to open them up and start playing. We received the Chubby Puppies & Friends Pet Fun Centre Playset. The girls have loved Chubby Puppies the minute they started seeing the adverts on tv.
The girls love animal toys, especially cute ones and they have had an interest in Chubby Puppies the minute they saw an advert on tv. The Chubby Puppies & Friends Pet Fun Centre Playcentre includes;
- x1 Chubby Puppy and Basket
- Chubby Puppy with batteries
- Baby Puppy

Since receiving this product, the girls have had hours of fun with the playset, and you can also play with the adorable Chubby Puppies without the playset. The Chubby Puppies can move on their own, which the girls loved. Mia and Elliw have had many races between the Chubby Puppies. In the playset the Chubby Puppies and baby puppy can have fun on the carousel, a ride on the swing, take a bubble bath, ride the elevator and go down the slide. 

The playset came in a few pieces which were easy to assemble, it's also perfect for Christmas morning as the last thing we want to do is build some toys that are difficult to assemble. If your children love animals and if you want to buy them something fun this year, I would recommend the Chubby Puppy & Friends Fun Centre Playset. 

You can visit more on the Chubby Puppies website. 

RRP: £29.99

* We were given this product free of charge, in return for an honest review. All words and items are my own.

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