My Favourite Baby Items

There's a 4 year gap between Elliw and Freddie, so there were many new baby items I hadn't seen or tried when I had Elliw. I must admit, Freddie has too many things, but these items listed below are items I have found great for him and myself. Freddie is learning new milestones recently such as learning to reach out for toys and trying his best to concentrate playing with them. This new milestone means that he can keep himself busy for a bit longer, especially during the day when he is more alert and not cluster feeding.

Bumbo Seat
I am currently borrowing a bumbo seat from a friend. Mia and Elliw had a bumbo seat, and I found it helped them with their back. Freddie is currently going through a stage of trying to lift himself up from the bouncy chair, so when he is in the Bumbo chair, he is in that sitting up position which he loves. I do advise not to leave the room when your baby is in a bumbo chair and not to put up on high surfaces. 

Jumperoo by Fisher Price
I never bought many Fisher Price items when the girls were younger, and I never bought them a sit-in entertainer either because I bought them baby walkers instead. This time I decided to buy Freddie a Jumperoo by Fisher Price because I always wanted to buy one before and my main reason is that our living room is too small for a baby walker. Freddie loves his Jumperoo and has currently started to jump in it which will keep him entertained for a good while. He's currently in his Jumperoo right now as I am writing this post. There're many toys on the tray around the swivelled seat which he enjoys playing with. 

Fisher Price Rainforest Play Gym
I received the Rainforest Play Gym by Fisher Price for a review on the blog. If you are looking for good entertainer play gym, then I would recommend the Rainforest Play Gym. Freddie has so much fun on his play gym. He loves the musical bird that is at the top of the play gym, but is also removable. He loves all the different bright colours and toys that hang. He also does a lot of tummy time on this play mat. 

Poco Baby Hammock
If you are looking for something different for baby to sleep in, whether it is for during the day or/and the night, then the Poco Baby Hammock is something I would really recommend. I had never heard of these before until I got asked to review one. It can take up a big space, but Freddie loved sleeping in his. We haven't used it as often as I'd like, but that's because Freddie is attached to me. However, I know if I had one when Mia and Elliw were babies, they would have been in it a lot. It did help Freddie have longer naps during the evenings, which was really helpful. You can read my Poco Baby Hammock review here.

This was one item I thought I'd never have. Throughout my pregnancy with Freddie, I always wondered what it was like to have a wrap/sling as I only used carriers when Mia was a baby. I received the KangaWrap for review, and I have loved using it ever since. It's great for any breastfeeding Mama's and also great if you have other children to care for and want two free hands. I have used the wrap many times on school runs, shopping and going for walks.

MAM Soothers/Dummies
I decided to give Freddie a dummy when he was 4 weeks old, mainly because he was using me as a comfort so often which was pretty hard because I had to do other things for Mia and Elliw too. I had used a different branded dummies, but he hadn't taken to them very well. I had to stop in Tesco one day when we were out and the only dummies there was MAM. He took to them straight away.

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