Mia's 7th Birthday

You may have realised my blog has been pretty quiet recently. The past couple of weeks I have been preparing myself for Mia's birthday party. For a couple of months, I've been trying to think what to do for her and a few ideas came to my head such as taking her and a friend to the cinema, taking her and two friends to a play centre like we did for her 6th birthday last year or a pamper, as she had for her 5th birthday. We both eventually decided on a pamper party. I booked someone local and someone who had done her pamper party for her 5th birthday.

Mia got to invite 8 friends and one of them was Elliw. Her other sister was unable to come because she wasn't well enough. Mia was over the moon with all her friends coming over to our home. She was really excited showing them her bedroom and toys. They all got excited for the pamper to start. To begin with, they had some face masks and chill on the sofa. But, of course, they are 7 years old girls - they don't chill! It was more like the loudest un-relaxing pamper-ever-ha ha! It was funny watching them all, and it was nice knowing they were all enjoying themselves. The party lasted 4 and a half hours and as time went by they got their hair, nails and make-up done too. Mia enjoyed her birthday party, and I am so glad she enjoyed herself. She was given many gifts and cards which she was very grateful for. In the evening my partner's parents, aunty and uncle came over with Mia's gifts and cards.

The following day, her actual birthday, she was super excited. It was a school day, so I decided to give her two small presents in the mornings which she thought were from Alfi (Elf on the Shelf), and a card from my partner and I and another from Elliw and Freddie. When we arrived home after the school run, my Nain and Taid had arrived to come and see Mia with some presents. Around 4.30 Mia was picked up by her Dad as he took her to gymnastics. It was the first time I hadn't taken her to gymnastics, but I stayed home with my Nain and Taid and thought it would be nice for Mia to see her Dad on her birthday for a bit. In the evening my Dad came over to see her, and we all had a Chinese takeaway together.

It's been a busy and stressful few days, but they have been amazing, watching my girl turn 7 years old. She has made me proud.

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