Things To Know When You Move To Your Own Home

Buying a house for the first time is exciting. We moved into our home just over two years ago, after private renting for over 3 years. I much prefer living in our own home. However, it is a lot more expensive than private renting. If anything goes wrong in a house you are renting then it's usually the landlord that needs to take responsibility for replacing or fixing it. In your own home you are the homeowner, and so you are the one responsible for paying and fixing anything that goes wrong.

Since we moved here over 2 years ago, many things have gone wrong. We've had to have a new bathroom, new boiler, re-do our back garden, re-plaster our porch indoor and outdoor wall, re-plaster our bathroom walls, put a new ceiling in our kitchen as it collapsed and we are due to knock most of the walls down next year and re-do them. The joys of having your own home. I wouldn't like to think of how much we have spent already on this house. But it is our home and one day it will be how we want it to be (hopefully?).

Find a local plumber
When you've bought your own home and if something goes wrong with your heating, boiler or bathroom it's always best to get qualified and trained heating and plumbing engineers to fix the problem. This will also save you money in the long run and you will know the job has been done properly. Watertite Plumbing in Bristol offers boiler installations, boiler repairs, central heating repairs and service and more.

Be Prepared
As I said above, when you're a homeowner you are the one responsible for preparing (or getting someone to do it) any damages in your own home. Be prepared for the unexpected. Last year our kitchen ceiling collapsed the day before my birthday. You should also be prepared to spend, and it is always best to make sure you have some home insurance.

There Is Always Something To Do
Knowing you are now a homeowner, you will realise there is always something that needs doing. Nothing will be finished, such as decorating or building. I only dream that one day our home will be how we want it to be, but at the mean time, the list is never ending.

Manage Your Money
Being a homeowner is an exciting time, and you may get excited that you can decorate how you want and anything else you want doing. But in reality, you need to keep an eye on your finances. It's always good to have that 'emergency' money in case the unexpected happens. The last thing you want to do s get into trouble with finances when you are a homeowner.

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