How To Put Together a Photo Album

I always like to look back and reflect whenever a New Year comes around. I like to go through my old posts and pick my favourites, but also see what memories they remind me of that I’d completely forgotten about.

These younger years with our children are particularly precious, so I think it’s important that we remember them and celebrate them as much as possible. One thing I love to do each year is to create a family photo album; if you’d like to do the same, but you’re not sure how to go about it. Hopefully, these tips will point you in the right direction or if a photo album isn’t your thing you could always get your precious family photos made into amazing canvas prints.

1.      Work out your own system
People take photographs in different ways; some prefer to have one huge catalogue of all the images they were taken, while others are meticulous with files and folders for every trip in every month of every year. You should figure out a system that works for you, but you need to get yourself organised. I always sort through my images by month and pick out my favourites.

2.      Don’t forget the kids
What’s the point of putting together a family album if you’re the only one that gets to pick the photographs? Although you can make sure everything is kept in order, it’s important that the next step is to let your children pick their favourite images.

3.      Decide on your style
You could decide to go down the classic leather-bound photo album route, where you simply want to print out your memories and slot them in. Or you might want to get really creative and make your own album cover, as well as conjuring up pages from various materials in a funky scrapbook style. Whatever you opt for, you need to decide on the style you’re going for and then make sure you have everything to hand for when you’re ready to begin.

4.      Use the right tool for the job
If you’re going to get serious about printing, then having the right machinery is hugely important. Inkjet printers give the best results, and these days they’re relatively inexpensive considering how often you will use it. Just make sure that you purchase the right kind of photo card paper for your machine, as well as high-quality ink. For example, I always buy mine from the Cartridge People website, as they give great offers on all printing essentials, and they’re specialists, so you’re bound to find the right supplies to match your needs.

5.      Don’t forget to tell a story
I like to do more than just stick photos into spaces on a page – I like each little image to tell a story. I always include little captions on the back, so that years from now, they’ll jog my memory as to what we were doing on that day. I think this is just as important as the image itself, and it means my children will be able to tell theirs about all the adventures we had.

Are you making a photo album this year?

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  1. I will be making a photo album. This year I aim to FINALLY get our holiday snaps together! I have 3 albums that need filling up


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