My Weight Loss Diary #1

I am back - yet again - writing my weight loss journey posts. This time I feel more determined. I don't know if it's because it's the new year but I reached a certain weight, and it makes me feel sick. I've never weighed this much before, and I was in two minds of actually blogging about it, but I decided to in the end because I thought it would be great to look back in a year or so time. I joined Slimming World the Wednesday after Christmas, so it was before New Years. I thought I was going to be on plan over New year weekend, but it just didn't go how I wanted it too.

I was nervous going to weigh in because I knew I hadn't done well for the first week. I actually only started properly on Tuesday before I had my first weigh in. I have done well food wise and exercise wise with walking over 10 miles in 3 days last week. It's pushed me to do well over the weekend too. I think writing all meals down and planning ahead for some days have really helped me. I haven't weighed myself every day but I've weighed every other day, and the scales are going down which is motivating me even more.

As I started walking on Tuesday, 3rd of January, I decided to measure myself too. I've never been so big in measurements, but I am determined to lose it. I am having many side effects of being the weight I am at the moment, and it's something I've never told anyone before, but here it is on my blog! The first day I started this blog, I said it was going to be an honest one. I know I can do this and I will. This week has been brilliant, and I am still determined to carry on.

This week I have lost: 1.5lbs

Total Loss: 3.5lbs

Inches lost: 1

Total inchest lost: 1

How I Feel: I am actually really disappointed. I had secretly weighed myself at home in the morning, and my scales said I had lost double what I had actually lost and my scales are near the same as the group ones. I am not sure if it's because I weigh in at 7 pm and I had about 4 cup of teas and 3 pints of juice/water through the day. It did put me down, but I am glad I stayed to the group because it made me feel more motivated and I know if I went straight home after weighing, I would have popped to the chippy for some chips and curry (haha) - I had a Slimming World meal back at home instead! 

Goals For Next Week: I would like to lose 2lbs at least. No less.


  1. Oh hunny, dont be so hard on yourself! Maybe it would help if you weighted yourself at the same time of the day each time you weigh yourself? But dont forget you've not long had a baby so youre doing fantastically well to lose weight like you are. Slow and stready wins the race.. Emily x #MarvMondays

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