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Hi! Tell us a little bit about yourself (how many kids, about your family and blog etc)
Hi, I’m Zoe a mother of two and blog over at My Mummy’s World. I’ve an older boy who is approaching five and a younger daughter who is 18 months, which is whom I breastfed and still do.

Why did you decide to breastfeed? 
I always wanted to be a breastfeeding mother, I studied childcare quite in depth and its what I wanted for my children. Not only for all the nutrients and goodies but also it was free, nothing better than that. However, I fell pregnant unexpectedly both times but was just 20 when I had my eldest. I still lived with my parents and although its what I wanted to do, the thought of feeding in front of my father sent shivers down my spine. Looking back, this shouldn’t have stopped me but it did. So, when I was pregnant with my second, I knew I at least wanted to attempt to breastfeed and luckily I still do.

What are your top 3 breastfeeding essentials?
A drink, a muslin in the early days and plenty of snacks.

Do you feed in public? If so, was it hard to begin with? If not, why don’t you?
I do feed in public, I remember my first feed, and the first few following. I went to town with both children when my youngest was just 4 days. I needed to have some fresh air and normality, I went into Asda as I thought I could feed the eldest keep him occupied and I could boob the youngest – FAIL! It quickly changed as I was trying so hard, she managed to latch and was feeding well but a man was staring and I just wasn’t comfortable. I decided to leave Asda, and moved onto Costa, I sat down in the corner and persevered, 18 months on and I’m happy to feed anywhere now even without a muslin to cover up.

Have you ever bottle fed your other children? Which do you find easier? Bottle or Breast? And why? 
My eldest was bottle fed, at the beginning when we were trying to get the correct latch I was thinking bottle was easier. But now, I don’t know why I ever thought that, having to prepare bottles, wait for them to cool, then sterilise and repeat just seems too much trouble these days.

Please tell us the easiest and the hardest thing about breastfeeding. 
At the beginning of my journey I struggled, she wasn’t latching correctly but I wasn’t aware. Eventually I was in so much pain, I go a breastfeeding peer to visit who helped me out so much. She was surprised I was still feeding as I was so sore, bleeding nipples the lot. I knew if I could get through that when the support was shocked I could get through anything. I then went on to get mastitis but again battled through. I found getting the correct latch and learning the different positions the hardest, but the easiest is simply being able to feed whenever and wherever.

If there was any advice you could give to someone who’s considering breastfeeding, what would it be?
Keep at it, don’t be afraid to ask for help either from support workers or friends. Even join some online groups if that’s all you feel you have. Don’t be afraid to feed in public, its easy for me to say as I now do but initially I was scared and looking back, I’m just feeding my hungry baby like those who bottle feed do.

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