Breastfeeding Must Haves

I've been breastfeeding Freddie for over 7 months now, and it's honestly the best decision I've ever made. While I was pregnant, I was panicking quite a bit as I had no idea what it was going to be like and if I needed anything. I remember the silliest thing I thought about was, how would I breastfeed him during the night? I hate wearing bras during the night, and I found nursing vests and tops expensive, and I didn't fancy spending so much money. Feeding for over 7 months, I've found that I don't need to spend a lot of buys these fancy clothing. But there are some essentials, these are the things I've found as breastfeeding must-haves, in my opinion;

Nursing Pillow - I was in two minds of having one of these. I had read mixed reviews. Some saying yes and some saying they're a waste of money. After using one for 7 months, it's honestly the best thing ever while feeding. I keep our nursing pillow on the side of the sofa, and it gets used each time he has a feed. It's comfortable for him and myself. Your arm can ache pretty quick when feeding, but the nursing pillow helps. Worth buying.

Nursing Bras - I was looking around for some decent priced nursing bras and eventually I bought some brand new ones at an outlet store on Ebay. I bought 4 nursing bras, and they're so comfortable, and they were at an affordable price too. During the first weeks, I was wearing my normal bras, and it was always a struggle pulling the cup of the bra down for each feed. Nursing bras are a must. 

Vests - Lots and lots of vests needed! I have countless amount of vest tops. I bought a few from Primark for around £2.50, and they have been the best vests I bought. They're a long cami dress vest and easy for pulling down when I feed. I also find vest ideal if I'm feeding out and not wanting to show of my belly, I can just pull the vest top down.

Shirts - This may not be a must of everyone, but since breastfeeding, I have bought many shirts. I find them super easy when I need to feed. I hardly wear jumpers or tops as buttoned shirts are just simple to open and close when I'm at home and outdoors. 

Breastfeeding cover {if you are using one} - This is not a must have for everyone. My only reason for buying a breastfeeding cover was because Freddie kept pulling away from me pretty quickly and I'd be flashing. It was for my own comfort that the cover was on me. However, I don't use it very much now. 

Nipple Cream/Lotion - I've used two different types of nipple cream. Lansinoh Lanolin is one make of cream I used, and the other was Mama Baby Bliss nipple lotion. They both worked perfectly well for me. I've stopped using the creams now, but I did use them for around 5 months and a lot during the first couple of months. 

Breast Pads - There are two types of breast pads you can choose from - disposable and re-useable ones. A friend of mine preferred re-useable ones and found them comfortable. I used the Tommee Tippee disposable breast pads which are quite a decent price for 50 pads. I did use a few other makes, but the TT ones were the most comfortable. 

Muslins - I was recommended to use muslins while breastfeeding by a friend. I was given quite a few, and I've used them countless of times within the past 7 months of feeding Freddie. They're great to put under your breast while feeding because the baby can dribble milk out and by putting a muslin cloth under your breast, this stops your clothes getting wet. 

Water and Snacks - I find breastfeeding made me very hungry and extra thirsty. Especially in the first few months where I was feeding Freddie more often. I always made sure I had a glass of diluted juice and some snacks next to me while I was feeding. 

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  1. I don't know how people feed without nursing bras..they are a lifesaver! Although I am looking forward to wearing nice bras again when I stop nursing haha. Primarks nursing range is great isn't it, it's saved me so much money over the past year xx

  2. Oh god yes, these were all essentials when I was breastfeeding! Nursing bras and vests were my saviours!! but not the tight suck it all in vests - the slightly loose easy to whip them out kind! I agree primark were the best place - as Ben only took to shields, i had many milton induced stains down my top so didnt want to invest decent pennies into something i knew would get ruined! #sharingthebloglove

  3. whoops i meant #brilliantblogposts sorry!!


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