Hello Sleep... Really?

If you're a reader of my blog, a follower on my Facebook page then you may know that Freddie hates sleep. Since day one, he's been pretty much a rubbish sleeper, day and night. He did have about one week where he slept from midnight until 3 am (ish) but that soon went, and for the past 6 months he has been waking up every 1-2 hours or 3 at a push. It's been exhausting. Never have I had such little sleep. It also doesn't help that he cat naps. His naps during the day are 20-30 minute naps. Twice a day. I mean, what baby doesn't like to sleep?! Seriously.

This week it's all changed. I have no idea what's happened as we haven't done anything differently. I am writing this post on a Thursday night, so 9th of Feb. For the past three nights, Freddie has been sleeping straight from 11pm until 4am. He will have a feed at 4am, snuggles in bed with me (which I love), and for some reason, I always wake up at 6am and I put him back in his crib to sleep until he wakes up around 7.30-8am. It was the third night that I felt a little different. Of course, I've not caught up on 6 months of sleepless night, but don't forget about the sleepless nights I had when I was pregnant too. I do miss my sleep. But having 4-5 hours straight sleep is just amazing.

Tonight, Freddie was fed and settled around 8.30pm into his crib. He woke up once around 9.45pm, but he just did a little cry and went back to sleep on his own. He has never, ever, done this before. It feels quite nice just relaxing this evening and not going up and downstairs settling him back. Usually, between 8.30/9pm up to 11pm (ish), he would wake up between 4-5 (or more) times. Although it does feel nice not being up and down, I am still listening out in case he wakes up.

I must admit, I am really glad he's started to improve sleeping during the night. I was thinking of putting him in his cot this weekend to see if it would help him sleep better. The only reason for that was because a few nights when he's woken up, he's managed to wriggle himself up to the top of the crib, and I thought that was waking him up. But since he's sleeping much better, I think I will keep him in his crib for a little longer.

I know I'm going to be an emotional wreck once he's too big for his crib. I remember when the girls were in their Moses baskets, I couldn't wait until they were in their cots. I'm not sure why. I feel sad thinking about it now. Freddie sleeps in a SnuzPod, and the side is open, so it's attached to my side of the bed. I'm going to miss seeing his beautiful smiling face every morning and night. I can't imagine the crib not being there. It's going to be so hard when we start the whole new routine of moving him into a cot.

Babies are not babies for long. Freddie has grown up so quick, it's unreal how fast it's gone. I was looking through photos the other day of him, and there were a lot of pictures of him in his crib sleeping. The difference is really mad. I was so sad looking through them. I'm glad I captured them.


I am glad I wrote this post on Thursday. It's Friday today as I'm finishing this post and I think I must have jinxed myself writing the post yesterday because when I went to bed at 11.30pm, Freddie woke up around midnight and woke up every 1-2 hours through the night just as he normally did before the good two previous nights. Today has also been a strange one. He fell asleep while feeding at around 7pm. Usually, when he sleeps at that time, he would wake up within 20-50 minutes, depending on how tired he is. But tonight it's different. He is still sleeping, and I'm in two minds either leaving him in his chair to sleep, or risk him waking up if I take him upstairs to his crib as I would need to put his cardy and sleeping bag on.

I am not sure what's doing on this past week. It seems like he's testing things out, I'm not sure. I can't say that we are having a routine in the night anymore because it's been so different. I would like to wish one day (soon) that he will sleep from 8pm until 4am (or later would be amazing). He's still young so I won't put my hopes high like I had done last night.

Babies eh?


  1. I feel your pain. I have an 8 months this old who hates sleep. I've lost track of how many feeds tonight! Her naps are mostly 3-4 x 20mins a day but recently we've had some days where she's had 2 naps of over an hour each! Let's hope they both get better at sleeping soon.

    1. Oh bless you. It's really hard isn't it. 20 minutes is nothing! Probably enough time to make a cuppa, relax for a little and BAM they're up haha! Freddie loves waking up when I've just made a cuppa. Cross fingers for us both x

  2. They're a nightmare aren't they...and then look so cute that we forgive them! We're currently having a battle as Pops seems to have got into a bad habit of waking at night and we're relenting and giving a bottle and need to get firm I think! Hope he settles again soon as I know how exhausting it is!! Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays x

  3. I don't how you cope hun...I'm so awful without the sleep. My eldest is currently the worst and can be up for a min or two one to two times a night but it's the disturbances. The baby so far is only up once a night for a feed but she is like Freddie and only cat naps! I hope Freddie settles for you a little longer soon. We have made the move to the cot and I was sad too! xx #marvmondays

  4. I feel your pain, I have a 2.5 year old who still hates sleeping! She's just started at a pre-school so I'm hoping that will sort her out soon. Hope he settles soon. x #MarvMondays

  5. Oh bless you darling it's hard when they don't sleep and you try to have a routine or they give you that false hope of sleep one week and than take it back away the next. Sending huge hugs, hopefully zzzz's soon for you both. Bless Wish I had wise words for you #ordinarymoments

  6. Although when you finished off this post he'd had a blip the good nights before that showed that he can do it - and it's definitely moving in the right direction. I hope he gets the hang of sleep soon :) x


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