Matchstick Monkey Review

Freddie has already got 8 teeth, some have come through and some are cutting through. Neither of my girls had so many teeth by 6 months, Elliw didn't even cut her first tooth until she was around 7 months old. It makes sense to why Freddie has been so grumpy, unsettled and dribbling galore. I've been forever giving him bonjela to help him soothe his gums and it works for a little while.

We were asked a couple of weeks back if we'd like to review a teething toy called, Matchstick Monkey. I said yes as I was interested to see if Freddie would take to it and if it would help soothe his gums. Especially now that he is at the grabbing stage of wanting everything in his hands and straight in his mouth, the Matchstick Monkey looked perfect for that.

Freddie took to the teether straight away and he has absolutely loved it ever since. The handles make it easy for baby to grip on and Freddie had no problem holding the monkey himself. The head of the monkey has a bumpy texture on the back of the head which is great to help soothe gums and also a toothbrush for those small new teeth.

The Matchstick Monkey is FDA Approved and BPA Approved. It comes in 8 different colours and priced at £9.99. Overall, I recommend the Matchstick Monkey if you have a baby who's teething.

We were sent this product free of charge in return of an honest review. As always, words and photos are entirely my own. 

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