Walk Down The Cycle Track {The Ordinary Moments}

On Saturday, Mia was in her Dad's and my partner was working all day. Elliw, Freddie and I spent the previous Saturday in the house as the weather was miserable and so I decided that we were to go for a walk this Saturday instead. I asked a friend of mine and her two kids to join us and then come back to mine for lunch. My friend started full-time work in January and she's the friend I used to see on a daily basis on the school run, morning and afternoons, as well as popping to each other's houses for a cuppa. I've never had a friendship like that before. It was nice to feel completely myself. Knowing someone was down the road from me if I wanted a break from my own house or some adult company. The past few weeks have been strange. My Dad comes weekly and so does another friend with her little boy, my nephew and I love seeing them all. 
We decided to go for a walk on a nearby cycle track. It's around 2.5 miles walk and the kids loved running ahead, with a bit moaning in between, of course. It was a windy but lovely day and having lunch and a cuppa after the walk was lovely too. It was nice to have an adult conversation, to get out of the house and a big catch up with her. I regret not taking my camera, but I did manage to capture a few photos on my phone. 



  1. We love getting out and about with the kids :)

  2. This looks like such a lovely place for a walk - and the children look so happy. It's just so nice to go and get some fresh air x

  3. What beautiful adventures to be had in this gorgeous place. Looks amazing. Kids look in heaven too. I noticed my two are so much happier when we can be outdoors running wild and free. lol #ordinarymoments

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely day and that is a gorgeous place for a walk. It is definitely nice to get out and about isn't it rather than staying cooped up indoors. x

  5. Looks like a lovely place and a lovely friend, I can't wait to have the warmer weather and get out every day x

  6. What a lovely place to walk. We're always out on adventures.

  7. Eyebrow envy! I love going for a good wander with the kids, your photos have come out lovely! Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x


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