Hair Care Tips After Birth

Having a baby is exhausting. As well as early motherhood being exhausting due to a massive change of routine, life and lack of sleep other things can happen too. Your whole body changes and unfortunately, hair loss is pretty common. For many women, hair is a big thing for us. So to have hair loss, can be upsetting. I've had three kids and after having Freddie, my third, my hair is falling out. When I was my hair, I have loads of hair in my hands that have fallen out, as well as brushing my hair. However, there are some tips that you can care for your hair, which may help prevent hair loss; 

• Gentle - Be gentle with your hair. There are many things that you might do daily, without realising, that's a big cause of hair loss such as; putting your hair up in a tight ponytail and playing with your hair by twisting it. To avoid these, you can do a loose hairstyle, and this prevents strain to your hair.

Avoid using heat - This may be hard for many women who use straighteners or curlers. However, decreasing a number of times you use a heating product may prevent hair loss. If you don't want to stop using a heating product, you could always use some heating spray before you use the product.

• Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment - This new treatment may be ideal for those who have hair loss. The experts work to replicate the appearance of hair follicles. This treatment can be done on the scalp, and natural strokes of the eyebrows and the treatments aim for it to look natural. They offer semi-permanent and permanent treatments. 

• Use the right hair products - Ideally using 'volumizing' shampoo or shampoo designed for 'fine hair' may help your hair look fuller and thicker. Your hair may look dull and flat if you use conditioning shampoos.

DeStress -This is probably hard to do when you're a parent, but stress can cause hair loss, which is likely to be the reason for some hair loss with parents. The joys of parenthood.

Have you experienced hair loss?

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