Nomi Highchair Review

In a few weeks time, we are going to be re-decorating our dining room. It's not been touched since we moved in and it's in need of a lick of paint and updating. At the moment we use our dining table as my desk for all my work bits, and the girl's arts and crafts. I can't wait until we have our dining table back again for its proper use. I love sitting at the table as a family, with no tv and interruptions. Just a time we can all have a chat and play games.

We have used the dining table a few times since Freddie was born, though, I just move my things to the side, but it's a hassle doing it all the time. When we do use the dining table, I didn't like to leave Freddie in his bouncy chair, so low. He's always been the kind of baby who loved having a nosy and looking around. The Nomi Highchair has been perfect for us. We've used the Nomi Highchair many of times while we are sitting around the table so Freddie can see us too. 

The Nomi Highchair grows with your child. Firstly, you use the Nomi Baby which is designed for babies 0-6 months. This is a different seat. The seat is bouncy and comfortable. This is what Freddie has been using. He absolutely loved it. The Nomi Baby is the perfect height for baby to be involved in family meals and even to feed. The Nomi Baby also has a 5-point harness to keep your child safe. For newborns, you can use the 3-point harness. There is three different coloured mattresses (covers) to choose from; pale blue, light pink or dark grey.

The Nomi Mini - restraint is designed for babies 6-24 months. This Nomi Mini makes your child feel safe around the table. We haven't used this position, yet but really looking forward to in the next few weeks once the dining room has been done (keep a look out for photos of us using it, on social media). The Nomi Mini is an attachment to the chair. This will keep your child safe during meal times. There are small wheels on the rear legs which reduce the risk of tilting if you child was to push themselves backwards from the table, which many kids love trying to do! The Nomi Mini is available in 7 brilliant colours.

Once your child is confident enough to be able to climb up and down from the chair, you can remove the Nomi Mini and have it as an extra seat at the table. This is recommended to be used from 24 months onwards. The fantastic thing about the Nomi is, once the Mini has been removed, it can be used up to the age of 12 years old. Not many baby products can be used for over 10 years. 

Other accessories you can have for the Nomi are:

Harness: This is perfect for keeping your climbing child safe in their Nomi Highchair. This will give you peace of mind too.

Cushions: Keep your child comfortable by ordering their cushions for the highchair. There are 3 colours available; dark grey, pale pink and pale blue.

Tray: Evomove now also offers a tray for the Nomi Highchair. This is perfect for babies who love to have their own little space. Available in 4 colours.

Other Information:
- All their materials are recyclable plastic
- Very easy to move around
- The restrainer is compatible with the latest safety standard
- The foot pad provides two levels, perfect for growing up
- Wheels at the rear back reduces the risk of tilt
- The ideal height for joining in at the family table
- You can customise the Nomi to your taste

The Nomi Highchair by Evomove is priced from £199.00
This is a very reasonable price, considering it is suitable from birth to teenage years. 

* We were kindly given this item free of charge in return for an honest review. 
As always, words, opinions and image are my own. 

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