Salter Health Grill & Panini Maker Review

We're a family who love cooking meals from scratch. We always try our best to cook the healthy way too and especially having three children to feed, we like them to have a balanced diet. The Salter Health Grill & Panini Maker has been perfect for us since we received it a few weeks ago. The marble effect coating is really easy to clean and as it is a non-stick coating, it requires little or no oil. We haven't used oil on it and have found it great for cooking various things.

We've cooked a lot of cheese and ham toasties on the Health Grill because the girls keep asking for it. As my partner works from early morning until early evening, we have our dinner a different time to the kids most days. The size of the Health Grill is perfect for what we want to have for dinner. It does no mess and super easy to clean which I like about it. I hate having to clean after cooking a meal.

The Grill has an automatic temperature control which reduces fat even more. With 750 W power and griddle plates with a floating hinge, it's perfect for any sized foods such as meat, bread etc. Overall, we are really pleased with the Salter Health Grill & Panini Maker. It's been in great use since we have received it and have made plenty of meals. Here are a few meals ideas you could try;

Paninis: These are great for a quick lunch. You could add a side salad to add that super food. Here are few more panini recipes you can try out.

Toasties: Our girls absolutely love toasites, so does Freddie. There are many toasties you can make such as; Cheese toastie, Cheese and ham, Cheese and Onion, Coronation chicken and more. The same as the panini, add some side salad for that super food.

Chicken and vegetables
Fish and vegetables
Chicken skewers and peppers
Steak and Mushrooms
Full breakfast

* We were given this item free of charge in return for an honest review.
All words, opinions and images are my own. 

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