Thoughts on decorating the kids’ bedroom

There are few areas of the home that seem to need more constant attention than the kids’ bedroom. Whether it’s finding new and inventive ways to store their rapidly expanding toy collection, or just updating their beds to fit their growing bodies, it seems like there’s no shortage of things to be aware of.

And whilst updating the decor of a children’s bedroom can be a costly business, here are a few ways that we can decorate their rooms in a way that’s relatively cost-effective and can be surprisingly fun too!

Self-expression: Although a child’s bedroom should focus on giving them an adequate sleeping environment, it’s also important to make sure it’s a place where your child can express themselves. So whether that means encouraging their inner artist by helping them to paint a cute wall mural, or even getting some handy peel-able wall stickers, it shows that decorating a children’s room should be fun as well as functional.

Storage solutions: Getting some stackable boxes can go a long way in helping to clear up the endless array of toys that seem to litter the floor. And it can also be worthwhile investigating multifunctional furniture such as divan beds that can perform a storage function whilst providing a place to sleep - and be sure to Bedstar’s guide to the difference between platform top base and sprung edge divan beds to make sure that you’re maximising the storage potential!

Safety considerations: We all know how little hands can create big problems, so make sure that furniture is sturdy and can’t be tipped. Plus it can be worthwhile to soften up any sharp corners on any furniture with some edge and corner guards to stop any bruised heads. And be sure to only have curtains that don’t have any tempting dangling cords that can represent a choke hazard.

Sleeping assistance: Anybody with a baby will know how blackout blinds can be a real life-saver in boosting the amount of sleep hours. And other cool products that can aid the sleeping environment include white-noise machines to block out invasive sounds, and some of these wonderful night lights that can add a soothing light to minimise the chances of those unwelcome night terrors.

So whether it’s investigating the sprung base bed options to maximise the storage facility and your child’s sleep potential, or even just painting a fun mural, there are many ways that we can give the little ones a great new bedroom for 2017!

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