You Are 8 Months Old

Oh my, where have these months gone? Freddie is 8 months old already. How is that even possible? I was only 21 weeks pregnant this week, last year. How mad is that? It makes me so sad to think my youngest and last baby will be one year old in just 4 months time. To believe that this time last year I was preparing myself for labour and meeting our little boy. It's mad how time flies by, isn't it? It saddens me so much that in just a few months time he will be toddling around the house.

These 8 months have been a mix of ups and downs but that's life, and that's parenting. Nothing will change. However, it's been the best 8 months, ever. Seeing my last baby, my baby boy, growing up each day and learning new things is just amazing. Watching him look up to his sisters, smiling together, playing together and just being the best of friends, it makes me feel so happy and lucky that I get to be their Mama.

He still doesn't sleep through the night, but I'm not going to complain. There's no point. He will sleep through the night when he is ready. I've been advised to give him water during the night instead of latching him on to feed on me because apparently he's not supposed to wake up so often during the night. I have thought about doing it because he is up to anything between 1-3 hours every single night, we're lucky if it's every 3 hours. I'm tired, in fact, I am exhausted. We will see how things go.

Daytime naps have changed - finally! He goes down for his morning nap around 10am, after his breakfast, and he will sleep for 1-2 hours, and it feels amazing having that little break. Usually, I will do my blog work like I'm doing now. He's been sleeping for 30 minutes now while I'm writing this. His afternoon nap doesn't last long, though, but I'm hoping soon it will and hopefully it will help him stop being such a grump during the evenings.

I have planned to put him in his own room and cot at the weekend. The thought of him going to his own room petrifies me. It really does scare me. I never felt like this with the girls. Not sure why. I think it may be because he's my last baby and I'm scared of 'letting go'? If that makes sense. But I am hoping it will help him sleep more during the night. He will also have much more room in his cot than he does in his Snuzpod right now.

Freddie has learnt how to bum shuffle, and it is the cutest thing - ever! I think it's mainly because we have wooden flooring and he finds it easier to get around like that. It's just adorable and pretty funny too. However, he has also tried to start crawling. We don't have a rug in our living room anymore, but I need to buy one again so he can try and crawl. He tries his best but keeps slipping. I've ordered a crawling sleepsuit to see if that will help but I will need to find other things that will help his knees stop sliding and preventing him to actually crawl! Any suggestions?

He sure does know how to get himself around the room now. He can properly grab things with his hands, and if he sees something, he wants he will either roll himself there, or bum shuffle his way there to get it. I must admit, though, he's kind of a lazy baby, and his sisters or myself will get things for him, but I am trying to step back now, so he learns himself too.

He absolutely loves new faces. He just seems so fascinated by them. He will stare and stare. Possibly bring half a smile, but if not, he will just give that straight face stare. I could say he is a happy baby because he is some of the time, but he likes the attention. He likes someone there, and he loves his cuddles. But saying that, he has started to like sitting on the floor with a load of toys around him too.

He will sit entirely unsupported now. He's really strong and needs no support anymore. He seems to like sitting up and nosing around instead of being on his tummy. He's slowly starting to lift his arms up when he wants picking up - with a bit of a moan in between too. He still loves his walks, and he's always awake during the school runs now. He absolutely loves looking around in his pram.

Oh! The teeth! When is he going to have a break? Poor boy. He's currently got 7 teeth, and I can see another two coming through. I feel so sorry for him, he really hasn't had a break with teething. He's constantly teething, and when he does stop, another tooth cuts through not long after. He still absolutely loves his Matchstick Monkey, and I make sure we take it everywhere we go. He's had a few teething colds too, which have kept him up during some nights.

The health visitor visited us at the beginning of the month, and Freddie now weighs 21.5lbs. He's slowly outgrowing his 6-9 month clothing. He's too long for most of his sleepsuits and has started wearing some 9-12 months. He's still mostly in rompers or sleepsuits, but I have been putting him more into outfits like joggers, leggings and tops.

Freddie is still breastfed. His feeds have decreased during the day since he started solids, but the feeds have only decreased a lot since he started having 3 meals a day and supper in the evening. Feeding doesn't last as long anymore, anything from 10 minutes, sometimes less. He's been great having three meals a day. He will have his usual breakfast, lunch and tea. I will also give him porridge or Weetabix during the evening before bed. He will only settle while feeding on me, though.

His favourite foods are; banana, strawberries, fish fingers, potatoes, rusks and rice cakes.

+ Bathtime
+ Cuddles
+ Bananas
+ Bum shuffling
+ Attention from Mam, Dad and sisters
+ Teletubbies
+ Twirly Woos
+ Pram Walks
+ Feeding himself
+ Playing clap hands
+ Listening to nursery rhymes
+ Playing in his jumperoo
+ Cuddles with his sisters
+ Listening to stories


  1. Ah that first photos is just gorgeous. I can't believe how many teeth he has bless him my eldest I am sure didnt even get 1 until his age x

  2. 8 months old with 7 teeth - wow! He looks like a happy little boy and I am totally with you on the sleep #TheOrdinaryMoments

  3. What a gorgeous little boy! I hope you start getting some more sleep really soon, it's tough when you're so exhausted all the time x

  4. Oh he is so cute! I am sure those months have flown by. Our two didn't bum shuffle and I wish they had - the cutest thing! x


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