November Rain Poncho / Review

Having two kids who are in school full-time and having to walk to do the school run twice a day, there's always a chance I'll get caught in the rain. Many of times I have come back home thoroughly soaked through. I bought a coat last year, thinking it was waterproof - but it wasn't. I'm really fussy with coats and find it difficult on what coat to wear because of this awkward weather. As it is a 15 or so minute walk to school and back, each time, I'm either too hot or too cold. When I was contacted by November Rain to see if I'd be interested in reviewing one of their poncho's, I said yes straight away. 
The compact November Rain Poncho is designed in Australia. It comes in three different designs; Teal colour, Oriental bird print and Tribe print. I absolutely love the prints, but the Teal one caught my eye as it's one of my favourite colours. November rain ponchos are eco-friendly, and the prints are made by waterless printing methods. The poncho folds up really small, and you can pack into a handy bag. This makes it perfect for packing in your bag or in the pram for your days out - just in case it decides to rain. But also, it is perfect if you love going to festivals too. This light high-quality poncho is waterproof, not like many other compact raincoats, which are mostly only rainproof. 

As the poncho fits 'one size', I was really interested to see how it would fit on me. I've bought many items in the past that have the label 'one size' and they didn't look right on my at all, or basically didn't fit me. So, the first thing I was really interested in doing, was to try it on and see how it was on me. I've got big hips, always have and it makes me a size 18/20 - depending on where I shop. I was extremely pleased when the poncho fitted me perfectly, and I could tell there was still a lot of room left if you were a bigger size too. So, if you were worried about the size - don't! It really is 'one size'. 

I am extremely pleased with this poncho. There's so much space in the arms and everywhere else. You can buy this for £49.00 which does sound quite a lot for a poncho, but if you are looking for a high quality and stylish coat that will last you for many years, I would really recommend this one. 

November rain also give 10% towards water projects to help improve situations in developing countries. 

You can visit November Rain here.

* I was sent this item free of charge in return for an honest review.
All words and opinions are 100% my own.
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