Get Creative With Chalkola! / Review

Our girls love being creative. Any arts and crafts they see, they want to do it. We were two packs of chalk pens from Chalkola. I was really interested in trying them out and seeing what they were all about. We were sent two different packs; Pack of 10 Party Colours and Pack of 8 Earth Colours. The colours looked lovely and I couldn't wait to try them out. Firstly, I looked to see what kind of surfaces they could draw on. These pens are best used on all hard non-porpus surface such as; glass, whiteboard, mirrors, plastics, chalkboards and ceramics.

We firstly tried them out on the windows, which I was quite nervous about, but we did it. The girls had so much fun drawing their own photos on the windows. It cleared up - with no marks - after me cleaning the window with a damp cloth. I was expecting some kind of marks but there was none. The colours are bold and much better than the normal chalk. They are totally safe for kids to use as they are odour and xylene free. There are many colours to choose from too, which the girls loved. 

Chalkola offer many different packs of their chalk pens. These pens are perfect for doing some arts and getting creative, but without the mess. If one thing I hate about arts and crafts with kids, is the tidying up you have to do afterwards. But, these chalks are mess free! How great is that? Overall, we are loving these chalks and have used them many of times. I've also recommended them to many people. You can check out Chalkola's site here.

Fun for kids and adults! 

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