Our Little Adventures {March}

We absolutely love going outdoors making new memories with the kids. If one thing I want to achieve as a parent is knowing my kids remember going to certain places. I have a lot of childhood memories travelling around the country with my Dad and brother. We've been to a few places but not as many places as we'd like to go. We're planning on visiting a few places this year and have decided to make a bucket list of places we want to visit this year. We love going to places where we can go for long walks with breathtaking sceneries. We've always been a family who loves to walk. The girls can moan at times, but they really enjoy themselves.

Anyone who knows me knows that I adore taking photos. It's one of my passions, and since I've had my new camera, I've tried to learn new ways of capturing photos. Trying out new effects and trying to get the best possible pictures that I can. But I'm sure anyone with kids, know that trying to capture photos with more than one child can be quite challenging. But, I do find the 'natural' photos the best photos.

I've wanted to join in with Kerri-Ann's linky My Family Adventures last month but things came up, and I didn't manage to write up the post. So, here's my post for March.

I can't believe we are in April already. March has flown by, and it was quite a busy month. The first half of the month was amazing but the second half wasn't so great - family problems. However, we did manage to get some days out through the month. Our best week of March was our stay in Bluestone. We went the day after Elliw turned five years old, so it was a birthday treat too, which she loved. I managed to do two videos of our stay which you can watch, here and here. We also managed to find a decent priced hotel at Haverfordwest for Friday night at the end of our stay in Bluestone. We spent the whole of Friday at Tenby, which was absolutely fantastic. The weather was so perfect. I managed to capture so many amazing photos, many of which I'll be framing and hopefully blowing a couple on a canvas too!

Here is our March in photos;


  1. It looks like you had a fantastic time, the beach at Tenby looks beautiful x

  2. Lots of lovely family memories captured in these photos. I've heard Tenby, and Bluestone, are great! Happy April with many adventures ahead. #marvmondays

  3. I love Tenby! It's so beautiful - in fact, everywhere I've ever been in Wales is gorgeous! I love your Bluestone photos - those foxes are amazing, I didn't see them there last time we went. I'm glad it wasn't just me who March flew for! Where did it go?

  4. Awww great photos and love the foxes. #MarvMondays


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