Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by the lovely Katie at Mummy's Diary to write my ten things that make me happy.

I've written a few posts recently that are showing pretty much the downside of life at the moment. My struggles with the lack of sleep and trying to change Freddie's bed routine. I love reading other posts that talk about things that make them happy. I think sitting and looking back at what makes you happy makes you feel better in yourself. These are my ten this that make me happy;

Happy kids in the morning
I love waking up in the mornings when all three kids are well behaved. Each morning both girls will come straight into our bed and sometimes it can be quite annoying especially when they start fighting over who gets to lie next to Freddie. Otherwise, when they're in a good mood and behaving - it makes my start of the day much better. 

My little family
I've always dreamed for a little family of my own, and I have one. It's in no way perfect and in fact, we have been on the rocks a few times, but somehow, we come out stronger and better. I had never planned to move quite a fair distance away from my own family, but we are happy where we are. I would love to move back to where I came from in a good few years time, but at the moment the kids love the school their at, they have their friends,  and it just makes me happy where we are at at the moment. 

I love the fact that I have taken so many photos. Many times I will happily sit on my bed or on the sofa looking back through photos, whether it's on my laptop, phone or photo albums, I'm just glad I captured those precious memories. It makes me so happy when I look back at photos, a little sad at how fast they grow but I'm proud of my kids.

Hot cuppa
I am not a fan of coffee - in fact, I hate coffee. Hate the smell, the taste, just everything about it. I'm a tea lover, and I feel so much better when I have a very hot cup of tea. Since having Freddie, it's not very often that I get to enjoy a nice hot cuppa, unless he is having a good nap or during the evenings when he's in bed (if he doesn't wake up!)

I formula fed my two girls and the decision to breastfeed Freddie was the best decision I've ever made. I'm still breastfeeding now and don't plan on stopping until he is around 18 months unless he weans himself sooner. I am planning on mix feeding or possibly try to express to get him to take a bottle (hopefully) in case I need to go out or something, but otherwise, I am happy to breastfeed. I think the bond is quite different - it doesn't mean I love my girls any less. It's just a totally different kind of feeling and bond in my own opinion. It's been hard at times but it has been an amazing journey. 

My Blog
My little space on the internet! Life as Mum will be four years old next month, how mad is that? I've got something planned, but I need to get a move on if I want it to happen. I've never stuck to things before, and this is the only hobby I've stuck too, and I've been extremely lucky that I'm able to call my hobby, my job too. The things we have been able to do as a family because of my blog is amazing. I think one of the best things we have been able to do is visit Bluestone twice in just a few months. It's amazing there by the way. 

Clean & Tidy House
Firstly, I am not the tidiest person. In fact, I'm a messy person. I'm quite lazy when it comes to housework, especially when things just get on top of each other, I have no motivation. But once I finally get on top of things, I do get into the swing of getting into some kind of housework routine. I've been pretty well for the past couple of weeks, and I've seen a big change in my mood with it too. I feel much happier when I know our home is tidy. It's quite difficult to keep on top of things when you have a clingy baby, two older children who hate tidying up after themselves and a partner too. But when it's done, I love it.

If you know me, then you will probably know that I don't really have a relationship with my Mother. It's her choice, not mine. However, putting that aside, I think it's made me appreciate my own family even more. It hurts me that my girls have started to ask me 'who is your mam?'. It does hurt. But, I want them to grow up being close with the family that love them and make an effort with them. My family isn't big, but I do love them to pieces and feel extra lucky that I have such an amazing family.

Weight Loss
I am still waiting for this weight loss lark to get back into my head. 2 or 3 years ago I lost over three stone, and I so want to get back into that. I've got a new food weight loss Instagram (beths_sw) to try and motivate me again as that helped me last time, but my downfall is chocolate. Even if I know I'll feel sick afterwards - I still eat it. How sad is that? Ha ha. But I want to get back into all this weight loss as I know it makes me happy.

Days Out
I love going out with the kids and my partner. I always try and make the most of the gorgeous weather, even if it's a bit dull, I still love to go out. I love going out on family adventures to make some memories with the kids, and hopefully, they will remember the days when they are older. I find the girls can be better behaved when they are out and about. It's a lovely time for us all. You can read about some of our family adventures here.

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