Freddie's 10 Month Update

It feels so strange that he's now in the double figures and only two months to until I write his one year update. It's quite scary how time has flown by. I remember feeling absolutely miserable this time last year, but I was looking forward to our 4D baby scan. So many changes in such little time. This month hasn't been all that easy, in fact, it started not to badly but from the second week onwards, it's been exhausting. Really tiring. The joys of the broken sleep every single night. I'm really glad I've written his update every single month, it's lovely to look back on each month. I'm not too sure when I'll stop writing these updates, but I find it comes to a point where they stop changing so much in a month but right now, they learn so many new things at this age.

Oh. Sleep. I miss you. We still do our usual bedtime routine. The girls go to bed by 7pm every night, so it's calmer downstairs for Freddie. I then take him up between 7.30-8pm. I settle him by feeding him and then put him down when he falls asleep. At the beginning of the month the evening was still a hit and miss, but the night time he would just wake up 1am,5 am then 7am. But for the past few weeks now, he's gone back to his old ways. I take around half an hour to settle him. He wakes up half an hour later, every single evening. I think we have got a bad habit, I give in and pick him up. I think I'm going to have to catch up with work big time and concentrate on teaching him that I will not pick him up every single time he cries during the evening. He did this before, and I just remember how down it made me feel, I am feeling it all over all again too. He isn't too good during the night time either. He's been waking up every 2 hours, sometimes every 1 hour. It's exhausting. I'm back to zombie mode in the mornings, and I hate it. I literally hate it. So much. If one thing I could change is his sleeping habits. It's so difficult. Especially having to function for the school runs, keeping up with him during the day and the girls too.

He will nap either once or twice a day. Depending on how long he sleeps for his first nap. He will go down for his morning nap at around 10.30-11am. He will sleep anything from 30 minutes to three hours. If he sleeps more than roughly two hours, he won't have another nap until his bedtime. If he sleeps less, then he will have his next nap around 2-3pm, which he will sleep on the school run. His afternoon naps only last 30 minutes. He did one for nearly two hours one day - which was amazing. The girls were in after school club too which was a bonus as I managed to have time to myself, two hot cups of teas and did some work.

Edit: Freddie had his longest night sleep, ever. I started Sleep 'training' again on the 13th. We are currently on the third night (tonight). On the second night, the 14th, he slept from 9.20pm until 6am which was amazing! I don't think it will happen again, but I can hope!

He has three or four meals a day. Breakfast, lunch, tea and sometimes his supper, depending on when he had his tea. He's really good eating his meals. He eats pretty much anything now which is handy as I just cook him the same as the girls. He's always been good with foods but took him a while to get used to some textures such as pasta. Plus, if something looked strange, he wouldn't touch it. But he's much better now and eats anything. There are still a lot of foods we need to try him with though.

He still breastfeeds. I do plan to wean him off by 12-13 months which makes me super sad because I wanted to carry on until 18 months at least, but that is no way going to happen. I will talk more about my decision in another post. He feeds during the night, in the evening and morning before we get out of bed. He will also feed once or twice during the day, usually before a nap time. If we're out were he doesn't usually feed.

He's still got eight little teeth, and I think he's teething again. He's constantly dribbling and got his hands in his mouth.

He's currently in size 9-12 months and fitting into some 12-18 months. I am planning on taking out his 12-18 month clothing out in the next few weeks now. He hasn't been weighed by the health visitor for a good while, and she's coming to visit us next month for his next check up. We took him to get his feet measured for the first time and he is a size 3 and a half G. Both girls were wide fitted and a size G too. He's got some adorable pre-walkers which he wears most days now to get used to.

Freddie has finally mastered crawling - kind of. He goes on his all four's but pushes one of his legs instead of crawling with it, if that even makes sense. It's hard to explain, but it's super cute. He still bum shuffles everywhere though. He's also mastered standing up with support, on his own. He's getting the hang of slowly walking along holding furniture or a walker. He can also sit himself up, which is really handy as he'd got really frustrated every time he fell over and couldn't get back up.

Freddie's had a new trike (review up soon), and he absolutely loves it. We go for walks a lot during the evenings before bedtime now seeing as the weather has been lovely. We sometimes visit the park, and he loves sitting and swinging on the baby swings. He laughs if we push him a little higher, which is super adorable. He's super cuddly still, which I love but he can be super clingy too which can be quite a pain at times, but he's only little once.

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  1. Ah so lush to read - baby S is about the same age so always nice to compare! He's suffering with sleep regression too... so hard, it's like having a newborn again!


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