Siblings in April/May

I had actually written last month's 'Siblings' post but by the time I finished it, it was too late into the month, so I've decided to just mix it up into this month. I can't believe we are in May already, only two months to go until Freddie's first birthday. I'm excited but sad at the same time. My littlest baby, my little boy, my last baby, is turning the big one. We've booked a little holiday away with Haven, it's not far from us but still far enough to have a short break from home. We were super lucky because it was the only available weekend the caravan owners had. We hired their caravan last year in September for a long weekend, and we absolutely loved it, and the location of the caravan was ideal too. Freddie hasn't a clue what's going on, but the girls are full of excitement going back again. It should be much busier during July time too, so it should be much better.

Mia's decided to stop gymnastics which is a shame because I do like her going to groups out of school to gain her confidence, but she just wasn't having it and was determined she didn't want to go back. They're both really interested in starting football during the evenings. So I need to sort something out for them to start, if not, then I will try and find something else that they will both enjoy, hopefully. I've seen defiantly growth in Mia this past month. A few times through the year I will notice how much the kids have grown and April/May has definitely been the month this year. She already does a lot of things herself, but now she does even more herself. She loves making her own breakfast, with no help, at all. Can be a right pain with the mess, but it's also so lovely watching her do it. She's a massive help with Freddie. She is such a brilliant big sister to him. She loves keeping him company, playing with him and keeping him happy.

Elliw's growing up into her own little person, so quickly. She's always been the one who needs the most reassurance with things. But there also some times where she will go just ahead and do what she wants. She is the hardest out of all three, with her loudness and tantrums but we've just kind of gotten used to it although it can drive us crazy most times. But that's Elliw. She's become more helpful with Freddie, but I have to watch her because she is so heavy handed she can easily hurt him without even realising, but it does make me happy that she tries. She does look up to Mia, a lot. I have noticed that most things Mia tries to do, Elliw tries her best to do the same or similar. It's super cute. Elliw had trouble with her speech a few years ago but it's perfectly fine now. She's started taken an interest in reading a book by herself. She doesn't know how to, but it's amazed me that she has taken so much interest in books. I've got a few books that she can learn with, so I need to dig them out ready for her.

Freddie is just growing too quickly. He's absolutely everywhere. We need to buy a gate for the living room, but we just keep forgetting. He does love crawling out every single second, and sure he thinks it's a game when my partner and I are constantly up and down bringing him back into the room. He's also got some thing with the doors. He will sit at the end of the living room door and just swing it open back and forth, which is strange but funny at the same time. I need to get a hook for it to hook to the wall as he has caught his finger under the door, a few times. We've decided to get rid of the jumperoo and bought him a toy that helps him to walk instead because he's always climbing up against the furniture.

We've had many walks in the past month because the weather has been so lovely. I think the fresh air really helps the kids and us. Brightens our moods and tires the kids out. It's great just to go out and make memories with the sun shining. One thing I haven't managed for a good few weeks is to take photos of all three together. My aim for next month is to have many pictures.

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