My Family Adventures in June

We didn't do much together last month because there were a few problems but one of my goals for June was to go out more as a family and do more things together. We actually achieved this goal too. We didn't go out to a lot of places, but we went to a fair few places, even down our local cycle track and in the back garden for a barbecue when the sun was out too. The girls had their schools sports day on the 20th which they were so excited about and really enjoyed themselves too. They did so well.

At the beginning of the month, we were asked to visit a National Trust Park, and I absolutely love National Trust Parks, I think they are absolutely beautiful and a perfect place to go for a family day out. We went with friends and their kids, and we were lucky the sun was out, it was warm, and it was just beautiful. We all really enjoyed ourselves, and of course, I managed to snap a few photos throughout the day. I regret not making a video, but next time!

Here are a few photos from this month:

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  1. It's good to get out and about even if it's only local #MyFamilyAdventures


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