Treat Your Grandfather With Something Special This Father's Day

I've grown up with having one Taid (grandfather) in my life. I've never really known my Grandfather on my Mother's side, and he sadly passed away last year. My Taid, the one who I've known all my life is one person who means a lot to me. In fact, he means the whole world to me. He's someone I really look up to. He's funny in his ways, he's hardworking, and he's just an amazing Taid to me, the rest of the grandchildren and a brilliant great-grandfather to my own kids. Growing up I didn't see him as much as I'd like, he worked a lot, but we saw him when we did. There are so many little things that he does, that is hilarious, something I can look back on and re-tell the story to my kids when they're older.

I find my Taid and me quite similar in our ways. We both absolutely love to take photos, we love sentimental things, looking through old pictures and spending as much time as we can with family. When my wonderful Great-Nain passed away back in 2012, I felt as though we grew closer, the grandparent and grandchild bond was stronger. I was an adult myself, I hated seeing my Taid so upset and felt I needed to be strong for him. It broke my heart seeing him get so sad. One thing I do love is getting him gifts for special occasions such as upcoming Father's Day. Mainly because I know what kind of things he likes. He loves personalised items and so when GiftsOnline4U contacted me to ask if I was interested in collaborating with them, I instantly said yes. I knew the person I was going to get for was my Taid.

GiftsOnline4U have a huge range of lovely gifts, from hen party gifts, football, baby and birthday gifts. There are so many gifts to choose from, and they are all easy to find under categories on their website. I decided to choose an Engraved Brass Watch With Day and Date. I received it in a dark grey patterned box. The watch is wrapped around on a small black cushion inside the box. I was overly pleased with the quality of the leather wrist watch. To make it extra unique, you can get the back of the watch engraved. I got the words "Taid George, Cariad Mawr, Beth, Mia Wyn, Elliw Elen a Freddie George xxx". The words are in Welsh, as it is my Taid's first language. I thought it was the perfect gift for a special man in our life.

* I was given this product free of charge in return for an honest review. All words, images, and opinions are my own.

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