One Week To Go...

There's just one week to go until my baby boy is one year old. I think I will be telling people he is 12 months old though, it makes him sound younger. I can't believe nearly a whole year has gone by. He's such a funny little chap, and although he's been a nightmare with sleep for the past 11 months, I wouldn't change him for the world. He's completed a missing piece in our little family, and he's loved by us all, so much.

Having a third baby has definitely put pressure on the relationship between my partner and I. Having finished everything baby related when Elliw grew out of her nappies, pram, etc. it was a huge step having to go back and learn things all over again. Having a four year gap made it feel like I was back at stage one and having to learn all baby things all over again. I was nervous and petrified of being a Mum to a baby and especially being a Mum to three. 

But the past year has been fantastic. Of course, we have had our ups and downs, some major downs too but it's always the good memories we remember. When Freddie turned 11 months old, I was secretly hoping the days would go by really slowly. But as always, it just flies by. We are off to Haven for a little weekend holiday over his birthday and hoping for some family to get some day passes to spend his special day with us and have a buffet party. I've also planned to do a little birthday shoot during the week sometimes. 

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