Why are keyrings so cool?

Have you ever stopped and considered just how useful a keyring is? Front-doors often have more than one lock and to find both those keys in the bag-jumble, the rubber minion keyring is an accurate targeting system that never fails.

According to the results of a popular search engine, the first modern keyring appeared in the 1830s. A Russian juggler, frustrated at losing his nose rings at the bear circus, realised that he could store them all on one nose ring. The functionality of this useful hoop spread across Europe and the key-string became the keyring.

Here are 5 amazingly useful things about keyrings:

The kids’ party bag and commemorative occasions
From a dangling Star Wars figures to a Lego brick, the keyring is the one gift in the party bag that will get the most use. Little fingers will connect it to anything they can and it can be an effective way to ensure their first door key is easy to find. Also, good stocking fillers at Christmas or events that require a takeaway.

The outdoor friend
“Where’s that bottle opener?” Frustrated campers have learnt that if you can add it to a keyring that attaches to your belt, outdoor life is so much easier. Penknife, torch, tin opener, tooth brush, car keys and anything that can’t be found can be saved from the long grass by the magic hoop.

Good collectables for promotions
Brand awareness and keyrings are the bread and butter giveaway at networking events. The cheap cost per unit and functional use they provide ensure that your logo travels. From memory sticks to a mini surfboard emblazed with the company text, makes them very collectable. Even the word “vintage” is now a category associated with classics like Disney characters from the 1950s.

GPS tracking and personal safety alarms
A GPS keyring allow your stray kids or wandering elderly relative to be easily found. Discreet and customisable, these mini portable tracking devices can be set to allow a mini wandering zone for an elderly relative that triggers an alarm should they stray.

The functional souvenir

More useful than a town name on plate and holiday keyring can trigger positive memories. When the 6-hour drive to Cornwall with the kids fighting on the backseat gets too much, tapping that thumb sized metal map of South West may remind you of the sunshine and cream tea that awaits. 

* A Collaborative Post


  1. Keyrings are such a simple item, but absolutely have value far beyond their components. I found a lost keyring the other day which cost pennies, but it took me back to some awesome memories and it's worth diamonds :)

  2. Hi Beth, I do like a good key ring and they do make fun collectibles. As a child I collected key rings and pin badges and they were mostly souveners from places I visited. The idea of a tracking GPS is a brilliant one and a perfect way to track younger children or the elderly and allowing them some freedom.



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