Rose Gold Beaba Babycook Review

Freddie has been eating solids since he was four months old and he is brilliant at eating. Although he eats finger foods mostly now, he still loves his pureed fruit during snack times or as a pudding. I am really lucky that he will eat just about any foods, but there are some foods he won't even try if they either look strange or an odd texture on his little hands, he will happily throw it off his high chair. We were sent the stunning rose gold Beaba Babycook a few weeks back, and it's a 4-in-1 food processor, it steams cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats. 
Many baby products out there don't go with modern decor, but this food processor is very modern and looks stunning in the kitchen. It's got an XL bowl capacity of 1100ml which is perfect for a hungry baby or if you're looking at making extra foods for the next few days. It steams up in just 15 minutes, which isn't too much time at all, also preserves flavours and vitamins. There's a removable steaming basket that fits inside which can collect cooking juices which are rich in vitamins and minerals and helps modulate the texture of preparing the food. 

I didn't bother with a food processor for the girls when they were younger because I didn't know much about them. Now, I honestly wish I had one when they were starting to wean. But the Beaba Babycook Food Processor can be used for babies of 12 months old. You turn the button a little to start the blending, and you stop when the texture is right for your baby, whether it is smooth, pureed or chunky food. 

There is no need to worry about it overcooking as the food processor will automatically switch off giving you a light and sound signal when the steaming has finished. This allows you to go and do something else, whether it's sitting down having a hot cuppa or keeping baby busy. It's straightforward to clean and is advised you use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the machine. A spatula, blending/smoothie filter lid, and a recipe book are included with the food processor.

I'm overly pleased with how this food processor works. It's been perfect steaming foods for Freddie. Especially handy when the girls are in school, and I can use the Beaba Babycook Food Processor to steam cook Freddie's lunch, whether it's meat, vegetables or even fruit. I love the fact that I am able to leave it unattended which lets me get on with other things such as housework and keeping Freddie happy. 

Beaba also offer other accessories such as products to make meals, outing products, and bath products. At reasonable prices, you can't go wrong. As well as the food processor we received the soft 1st stage baby spoon which is brilliant for younger babies but also ideal for Freddie's age too. We were also sent the 2nd age training fork and spoon which we haven't used as yet, but we will be using them soon. They look perfect for little hands to practice self-feeding. 

* We were sent these products in return for an honest review. All words, opinions, and images are entirely my own.

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