Weaning Essentials

Parents start weaning their little ones at different ages when they feel that their babies are ready. I am a strong believer that parents know best. We are the ones who are with our babies every single day and night. So whether you decide to start weaning at 4, 6, 7 or so months old, it's up to you and how your baby takes to it. It can be challenging to begin with, but it does get easier and messier! It's all part of the joys of parenthood. If you're planning on weaning your little one soon, here are a few of my top essentials to start:

Make My Day Bib - These bibs are super cute for your beginner weaners and expert food eaters too. As your little one starts to eat foods themselves, these bibs are the perfect bibs to get to prevent food staining on clothes and for most of the food to be caught in the pocket of the bib. A lot of bibs are needed for weaning.

Highchair - Somewhere safe for your baby to sit up straight and comfortably while eating is a must while starting to wean. Whether it's a highchair that goes against the table or a highchair that has its own table, there are many out there too choose from.

Weaning Spoons - When you start to wean your baby, there's a huge choice of spoons. My favourite kinds of spoons are the Vital Baby spoons. They are the perfect size for traveling, and the silicone is great for sore gums to chew on too. But we have also tried the Tommee Tippee and Beaba spoons which we also love.

Steamer Blender - These are absolutely fantastic when you're weaning a little one. We have had the chance to try out three steamer blenders, and they have been great for us. It's not a must, but I personally think they are a great buy.

Freezer Pots - These are great if you are cooking the food yourself and cooking in batches. This can save you a lot of money too which is great in the long run. The Vital Baby freezer pots are perfect.

Pouches - These are great if you are out and about or if you haven't got time to cook yourself. We've used baby food pouches with Freddie, a lot and still do.

What are your weaning essentials?

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