A Family Photo with HelloCanvas

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of having my own little family. As I was brought up by my Dad, I never had that Mum and Dad kind of family, and I'd always wanted it. Of course, the reality is much different than what you dream, but I feel so grateful to have three, healthy and happy kids, as well as a hardworking, caring partner. My partner and I have been together for over 6 years and lived together for nearly 7 years. We moved in within six months of our relationship. It felt like a huge step, but something felt right about it. Over 6 years on we've moved 3 times, bought a home and have two kids together.

Something I've tried to do since having Freddie is to have a decent photo of us all together at least once a month. We rarely had a family photo of us all before Freddie was born and if we did, then they were all selfie photos, which isn't as good as someone else taking the picture. When HelloCanvas got in touch to see if I'd be interested in reviewing a framed print or canvas, I jumped at the chance and said yes straight away. Something we don't have in our home is a printed photo of us all to hang on the wall. The first thing I ordered was a large framed photo print of one of my favourite family photo of us.

The second item I chose was their modern world map canvas print. I fell in love with this print and thought it would look absolutely perfect in my new office that I'm in the middle of doing. Right now it's not on the wall, but once the room has been completed, I can't wait to hang it up. One of my dreams that I will do once the kids are older is to travel. My partner and I have said we want to start taking the kids abroad at least once or twice a year and take them to visit different places around the UK too. I want them to have the passion for travelling just like I do, one day once this house has been sorted I will be saving up money to start our dream, and I can't wait. This blog will be taking a different route with things too, and I am so excited for the next 2-3 years. 

HelloCanvas have a great range of products from phone cases, canvases, photos on wood, world maps, framed prints and more. Their prices are very reasonable and affordable. I am pleased with the high quality canvas, and framed photo print and I will be ordering for myself and for gifts in future. Also, both prints came with easy fittings to hang up, and their maps come with pins for you to pin where you've traveled too which is a great idea - the kids will love doing this.

* We were gifted the frames in return for an honest review post. All words, images, and opinions are entirely our own.

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