Ways I Start The Day For a Happier Me

It took me a long to admit that I was slowly going back to the 'dark side' of life. I was waking up and never looking forward to the day. I was faking a smile outdoors, and it took me a lot of effort to go outside. I was looking forward to the summer holidays, but I wasn't at the same time. Putting aside the worry of entertaining all three every day for six weeks, I was more worried that I was going to be stuck in a rut of staying indoors. The past two term break holidays the girls have had, I got myself into that rut of not going outside. Staying indoors nearly every day and of course, the girls got bored and so did Freddie. A month went by, I knew I needed to pick myself up and make myself feel better if I wanted to start being happy.

There were a few things that went on that made me go down hill a bit. But one day it just came to me for me start a few new things each morning, and it has changed me, a lot, in a good way. I am feeling a lot more positive and happier. I find myself more patient with the kids, and although there are times where I feel exhausted because I am so sleep deprived, I feel these new things that I do help me throughout the day.

Early morning - Although I struggle with early mornings, I do find it helps me to start the day better. It can take me a while to feel awake, but I get changed, brush my teeth and wash my face with cold water before heading downstairs. It wakes me up more, and I feel refreshed. Of course, having kids, some mornings can be stressful but waking up on the right side, can help, a lot.

Get dressed for the day really helps me. Rarely will you see me come downstairs in my pyjamas in the morning unless I'm unwell or have a hangover (which is probably once a year). Sometimes I'll wear my comfy leggings if I know I need to stay in the house for a couple of hours or having a cleaning/lazy day at home, but I will make sure I'm ready for the day the minute I wake up.

Having a drink each morning is now part of my morning routine. I never used to have a drink in the mornings because I've got such a weak bladder (3 kids!) and always worry I'd need to run back home when I go on the school run. But now I just make sure I drink at least 500ml or 1litre of very diluted juice.

Eating a good breakfast is the main thing I try and do each morning. I find it I don't have a good breakfast, I will end up starving and start eating all the contents in the fridge - something I don't need to be doing ha. Normally I will have 40g of honey puffs with strawberries, skimmed milk and a plate or fruit such as apples and bananas. Rarely do I have a fattening or bad breakfast, and when I do, I never feel good after it.

Morning walks have helped me a lot. I think morning fresh air helps everyone. I used to hate the school run mornings, but since Freddie has been waking up extra early, I hate staying indoors and have made an effort to go out every morning. I hate doing the school runs, but for the past couple of months, I haven't minded doing them as much. Freddie doesn't go down for his morning nap until 10-11am and so going out for a walk passes the time and keeps him busy until we are home ready for his morning nap.

Housework is something I hate, but when it's done, I feel better in myself. I let the house go downhill, a lot. But for the past few months now I have been keeping on top of things, and even my partner has noticed and offered to buy me a hoover for my birthday ha ha. I have got myself into a little routine of making sure most of the housework has been done in the morning before I start the day.

What things do you do to keep positive for the day?

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