Sneek Peek of Freddie's Bedroom

I have never had the chance to decorate a room for either of my girls and so to actually have a room big enough to decorate for Freddie I was super excited. Although it took me over a year to complete as it was used as a storage room for all the clothes we were given while I was pregnant. I had moved Mia into Elliw's bedroom as it is a double bedroom, big enough for both. They absolutely love sharing a room now though. I think one of the reasons I didn't start on Freddie's bedroom sooner was I didn't want to believe he was growing too quickly and needed to go into his own room. It took me a long time to decide for him to leave our room and go to his own.

Freddie's been sleeping in his own bedroom for roughly 3 months now, I think. I was super happy once I had finished painting his room. I decided to paint all four walls, white. It meant then that I had a blank canvas to work on. I haven't finished decorating the whole bedroom, yet. There are still frames, prints, and shelves that need sticking up. As well as adding trinkets around the room to make it feel cosier. The theme is grey, white, light blue with a bit of yellow and an elephant theme. The stickers I have on the wall at the moment, I'm not entirely happy with them. They're just tempory, and I will be putting frames and prints all over the walls soon when I get the time. But, for now, I thought I would share one corner of his room.

Although I've decided on a pastel coloured kind of theme, I have been in two minds of adding brighter colours. I have two different kinds of style bedrooms in my head, and I'm not so sure which one to go for. However, when I was asked if I wanted to review a product from Sri Toys, I instantly fell in love with this wooden 26 Alphabet Animals toy/accessories. I love the bright colours and how it stacks all together. It's perfect for little hands to play and learn, as well as a stunning addition to your child's bedroom like I've done here with Freddie's. There are different animals for each letter, which I like. As well as learning the alphabet they can learn the names of the animals too.

When I was looking for things to put in his bedroom, I knew I wanted a few personalised items to add. I think personalised items are lovely pieces to add to any room in a home. This gorgeous personalised illustrated name frame felt perfect to add to his bedroom. Especially, as it has the safari animals on each letter. I love how it has a different animal for the same letters too, such as the D's. I was able to add a personalised message under his name which translates to: "Happy 1st Birthday Freddie, Lots of love from Mam, Dad, Mia, and Elliw". I thought it would be a lovely sentimental gift, hopefully, one he can keep when he's older too.

These cot bumpers are absolutely amazing. I love the shade and how safe they are. Since having my third baby, for some strange reason, I feel really over protective over Freddie. I don't know if it's because I've had a four year gap between him and Elliw, or if it's because he's my first boy. So, everything really worries me. Before putting these cot bumpers on his cot, his legs and arms would be hanging out of the bars, but now he sleeps comfortably (when he does sleep.)

*Some of these items were gifted to use as part of an honest review. All words, opinions and images are our own. 

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  1. What a lovely looking room, perfect for your little boy X #dreamteam

  2. Oh my goodness how quickly is Freddie growing up? He's so adorable Beth, as are all of your gorgeous family. Love the colours you've gone for and I really like the animal puzzle. Our two have a similar wooden alphabet puzzle that makes the shape of a cat and it's probably the one toy that they have played with the most over the years. It comes out almost daily! Thanks so much for linking with #DreamTeam x


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