5 Reasons You Should Buy The Cosatto Supa

I have been reviewing the Cosatto Supa in the Spextulcar pattern for a few weeks now, and I absolutely love it. There hasn't been a negative thought about this pram, at all. When I get a new pram, there are a few things I look for, such as; the size of the frame, if the seat reclines, the hood, basket and how smooth it is to push. As I use a pram on a daily basis to push Freddie as I go for the school run in the morning and afternoons, or going out for the day. There's a vast range of other patterns to choose from for the Cosatto Supa too, but here are my five reasons why you should consider buying the Supa:

Suitable from newborn
A head support comes with the pram which makes it suitable from newborn. If you are looking for a long-term pram from newborn up to the age they are ready and confident to walk by themselves, then the Supa is brilliant and a great price for that. It also comes with a reversible cosy toes which again, is perfect for newborn babies and older babies too. 

Extendable hood 
One of the first things I fell in love with was the extendable hood. It has been brilliant by blocking out the sun from Freddie's eyes. There's a zip to open the hood to extend, or you can zip it back to be the standard size. I find it's perfect for when he sleeps too as it shades the back of the pram where he sleeps when the seat full extends down. 

Seat recline and laid-back learning
Not only is the full-recline seat perfect for when your little one naps, but it's also great for a bit of learning too. There is a gadget space on the extendable hood, which is ideal for either learning cards or to stick an iPad in and play some educational songs/videos. There's also a plug-in for speakers at the back of the hood, which is also a perfect space to keep your phone and bits and bobs while you go out too. 

Smooth to push
It's a really smooth pram to push, and I've pushed it over different grounds such as grass, rocky paths, and smooth paths. It's an easy pram to push and even my girls, ages 7 and 5 love pushing Freddie in the Supa. Making sure the wheels are smooth when pushing the pram, is one of my main things that I look for when reviewing or purchasing a pram. 

All the brightly coloured unique patterns
Last but not least are the stunning patterns. The best thing that I love about Cosatto are the bright coloured patterns. I love how unique they are and that you get a choice of patterns to choose from. My favourite patterns for the Supa is the one we chose, Dragon Kingdom and The Magic Unicorns.

Do you have a Cosatto pram?

You can read my full review for the Supa here.

* Collaborative post with Cosatto

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