Feeding Out and About With Goodness Gracious

Ever since I started weaning Freddie at around 4 months old, I have always cooked my own meals for him. However, I always struggled when I went out and about as many places didn't puree food, or they were meals you were unable to mash. Plus, we didn't go out to a restaurant or cafe each time we were out. We love having picnics, whether it's out in a field or out in the car with lovely scenery. I have always found having some food pouches made everything easier. When I had my second, I had gone off buying jars as I thought they looked pretty vile but pouches were quite new at that time. Since having Freddie, food pouches have been a life saver when we're out and about. Even at his age now.

We were sent a few food pouches from Goodness Gracious, and Freddie's been testing them out. They have been really handy as either quick snacks, a quick meal or popping into his bag for when we go out and about. We had a few pouches to try out, and his most favouirte were the Pear. He's always loved pears since he started weaning. I was really interested in Freddie to try the Pumpkin and Coconut Milk Puree with Cardamom as it sounded really interesting. Ingredients I wouldn't have thought to put together and some that he hadn't tried before either. He actually really liked it. Took him a couple of tastes but eventually ate it all. That flavour pouch has also been voted overall winner in the Best of Baby & Children's Food category in the Soil Association's 2017 BOOM awards, which is fantastic.

Every Goodness Gracious pouches are rich in nutritious vegetables.They have been made with the best quality ingredients that are carefully chosen for their health benefits. They are all combined with spices such as fennel and cumin, which are known to be soothing on delicate tummies. When buying pouches myself, I always look at the back of the pouches to see what ingredients are used. It's so important to give the right foods to our little ones.

Goodness Gracious pouches are 140g and cost £1.55. You can find the range online at Ocado and Amazon. Also on their own website, Goodness Gracious.

* We were given a few pouches in return for an honest review. All words, images, and opinions are entirely my own.

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