Fourteen months old, already. For some reason, it seems to be going so much quicker now since Freddie turned 1 years old back in July. It may be because of the summer holidays, I'm not sure but the months are just flying by. Facebook memories aren't helping me at all, by looking back at how he used to be this time last year and I'll be saying the same thing next year too, probably. It's crazy how much they can change in such little time, isn't it? I was in two minds of carrying on a monthly update, but he's changed loads since his last 13 month update, and I've enjoyed writing them all. It's something I can look back at once he's older, and I think it's a lovely thing to read and remember all the little details.

This month has been filled with mixed emotions. Not only have the girls started back at school, but we ended up deciding for Freddie to start Nursery. It was a really tough decision but in the end, we both decided, me more than anything, that it was the best thing for Freddie and me. Me so I can do my work and Freddie so he can mix with other people and kids. Here's a better insight to how his first full day went and a bit more chatty if you fancy a read: click here.

His sleeping has really improved. I actually can't complain at all about his sleeping anymore, and even though I am still tired most days, I'm not like how I used to be before. I am so glad and so happy his sleep is much better than it used to be. I honestly couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel when he was an awful sleeper but now he sleeps through most nights, and it's amazing waking up in the morning knowing you haven't woken up in the middle of the night to feed. Although he doesn't really need a feed when he does wake up, I just give it to him as he settles back pretty much within half an hour. In the past two weeks, he has probably woken up in the middle of the night 2-3 times which isn't bad at all. His best night ever was on the 9th of September when he slept from 8pm until 8.30pm the following morning. He slept in his cot the whole night. 

He will be put down between 7-7.30pm, sometimes 8pm (ish). If my partner puts him down, then he will give him a bottle of formula and cuddles before he falls asleep and then gets put down into his cot. When I settle him, he has a bottle of formula, then I breastfeed, but it's more for comfort. He will eventually fall asleep within 15 minutes or an hour at the most, and he will then be put down. Very rarely has he woken up during the evening before midnight in the past month.

S I Z E  A N D   D E V E L O P M E N T
The Health Visitor still hasn't come to visit Freddie, so I have no idea to what he weighs. But clothing wise he is still in 12-18 months and I am sure he has lost weight as most of his clothes can be seen as a pretty baggy, but I think it's because he walks absolutely everywhere now. Not very often will I see him crawling and although he's still a bit wobbly walking, he's super confident walking everywhere. 

His new thing this month is pointing. He will point to things he wants or wants me to look at. He's also doing a few hilarious expressions when he does it too. He still loves playing peek-a-boo, he gets himself into tears from laughing so much. 

The most amazing thing he has learned is saying a few words. He now knows how to say: Mam, Dada, and Nain. I am sure I heard him say Taid the other day too. He really is learning things pretty quick. But there is no rush in anything, every child develop in their own way and their own time. Another amazing thing he understands now is what a dummy is. If I ask him 'Da Dwm Dwms' which is basically me asking him for his dummy, he will get it and put it in my hand. After putting his dummy in my hand, he will clap to himself with a huge smile - super adorable. 

F O O D  A N D  B R E A S T F E E D I N G
He's still a good eater, although he constantly climbs out of his highchair which can be very annoying. But he is a good eater, so I shouldn't complain. He tried apples this month and loves them. His favourite is still a banana, though. 

Breastfeeding is more like a comfort thing for him now other than just a feed. He will have a feed in the morning if he is up before 7.30am, again at 10am before his nap, although he can do without this if we are out or if he is with someone else. He won't feed again for the rest of the day unless I put him to bed. I still don't know when I will stop breastfeeding properly. That's another post that will be up soon. 

S I B L I N G S 
He's still so close to both his big sisters. He loves having them around, and I think he's been quite lost these past two weeks since they both started back at school. It's so lovely seeing all three of them together playing nicely. They've been having all kinds of fun throughout the holidays, and his face always lights up when they walk in the room.

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