This month has been a mix of all kinds of emotions for all of us, excitement, worries and nerves. Both girls started back at school and went up a year, and Freddie started Nursery. The first morning of school, the first thing Mia told me was that she was super nervous starting Year 3. She was scared of giving out the wrong answers to math questions, and I had to reassure her all morning that all she has to do is try her very best. It seemed like such a big step for my first baby girl starting Year 3. In my opinion, Year 3 is another big milestone such as starting the first day of school, and the next one will be starting Secondary school. Year 3 is where she will probably do a lot of work, harder work than she did in her previous years of the infant year, now she is in the juniour year. What I've just thought about too is she won't be in the same part of the Christmas concert this year as Elliw either. They will be separate, which makes me sad!

Elliw went up to Year 1 and again seems like a milestone as we can finally say what number year she is in school. She wasn't that nervous starting a new class, I think I was a lot more nervous than her. She just ran into the school that first morning and didn't even look back at me. I did feel really proud at how confident she was though. Mia now walks in a different door and was so strange watching her go in with all the older children. It's scary how fast kids grow. I can't say moving up a year has changed the girls, so far. I'm sure I will see a change in the new year, though. Mia has been coming home with quite a bit of homework which is a pain, but she's been good at it.

Putting Freddie into Nursery was a huge decision for me. It was so hard letting my baby boy go into someone else's care for a full day, to people I didn't know, but luckily I know two staff members that work there which helped me feel at ease, a lot more. It's just so scary how quickly all three kids are growing up. Before I know it, Mia will be finishing primary and moving school. To think it's only roughly 3-4 years away, it's scary thinking.

Although all three kids are now in school or in Nursery (one-day-a-week), they all still have that strong, unique bond with each other. Freddie walks everywhere and very rarely will I see him crawl. If he's not following me, then he is following one of the girls and loves it when they are in the room playing with him. Whether it's tickling him, playing peek-a-boo, running after him or playing toys. You really do see his face light up the minute he hears their voice or when they walk into the room.

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