PJ Masks Deluxe Figures Review

Ever since the girls started watching PJ Masks on tv, they have been huge fans. Very often I will hear them singing the PJ Masks theme song and role playing the show. Even Freddie is starting to show an interest in watching them on tv. So when the girls received the PJ MASKS Deluxe Figures, I knew they would be super happy and excited to start playing with them. Toys that I don't mind the girls having a lot of are toy figures as I know they will get played with. They are both forever playing together role playing or playing with toy figures (with a few arguments in between, of course.)

There are 14 pieces in the box, this includes 9 figures, 3 pets, and 2 accessories. Each figure comes with poseable arms and legs. All brightly coloured and the perfect size for little hands (suitable over 3+ years.) These figures are perfect for every PJ Masks fans. They also have their own small pets to help them save the day. Catboy has his agile cat, Gekko has his slithery lizard, and Owlette has her high-flying bird. Elliw's favourite was Owlette and often will I see her pretending to be her, so adorable watching her play and using her own imagination. Not very often does she go and play, she's usually the type of child who will just hang around her Dad or me. Which makes me quite sad at times because we both try to encourage her to go and play, use her imagination and have fun but sometimes she isn't interested. And so when she does go and play, I will sit and watch her in the corner as it just amazes me and makes me so happy watching her playing. Her imagination really is amazing when she gets into her own little world.

Mia's favourite is between Catboy and Gekko. She's always been the girl who loves to play by herself with toy figures. She has such a wild and amazing imagination and could play for hours on end. Although the room will look like a tip, she really does have fun in her little world. When they both play together, it's lovely to see both their imaginations coming together.

These super cool figures are out now. Who's your little one's favourite PJ Masks hero or villain? 

* We received these products in return for an honest review. All words, images and opinions are entirely my own.

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