I'm forever looking for beautiful storage for our home, whether it's for keeping toys, nappies or my bits and bobs, rooms always look better and neater when things are hidden away. When Fortnum and Mason got in touch to see if I'd be interested in getting involved with their 'Great British Hamper' campaign, I instantly said yes. They make some of the most beautiful hampers, and there's so much choice of different kinds of hampers for reasonable prices. Fortnum and Mason wanted to know how we would use the hamper basket after trying out the products inside.

We had the Afternoon Indulgence Basket which was full of beautiful items- including a bottle of champagne- bonus! But not only were the products great, but the basket is also stunning and such high quality. It's not too big, and it's not too small, it's a cute, decent size basket that now lays on top of one of our storage drawers holding Freddie's bits and bobs. I've been looking for somewhere to keep a few of Freddie's nappies, nappy cream, wipes and other bits for a while but never found anything that I really liked. I instantly fell in love with the basket I received with the Afternoon Indulgence hamper. It fits perfectly where it is, and I've had a few people comment on how nice the basket is.

Eventually, I will be moving it to my bedroom upstairs once I have sorted the room out. I think it would go perfectly with the theme I have planned. I'm thinking possibly to hold my makeup or just other random bits and bobs that I don't want on show. I like rooms to be clear, and I find storage boxes great for that and also a great touch to a room, whether it be your bedroom or living room. For now, it's used a storage space for Freddie's bits, and I love it there.

How would you style your hamper basket? 

* In Collaboration with Fortnum and Mason

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  1. what a lovely hamper basket. My dad is a huge fan of Fortnum and Mason he always takes things fro their to Le Mans in France. I might have to look at the hampers to see if I can get him a one for Christmas x


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