I remember when I was a child Halloween was never such a big fuss in buying expensive fancy dress costumes. It was simply a black bin bag put on top of your normal clothes with a witch hat, witch fingers and sometimes those ugly witch noses too- not forgetting the wooden broom! I used to love going around trick-or-treating. I can't remember what age I stopped but Halloween has never been something we celebrated hugely as I grew up and it still isn't now. However, I've got three kids and the two girls absolutely love Halloween. I throw them one or two Halloween parties at home and they always enjoy themselves. The girls will get dressed up, face paint and have lots of games and music.

This year we were given a few goodies from HMV to enjoy a family movie night which we really enjoyed. I did take a lot of photos, good ones too and I'm absolutely gutted that I've lost the photos as my camera decided to break and silly old me hadn't uploaded the photos onto the laptop before my camera broke. Anyway, we watched one of my favourite films, Casper, and the girls enjoyed watching it too. I used to love watching it when I was a child and it was nice watching one of my favourite childhood films with my own children. We were also given The Adams Family, but we haven't put that on yet. The girls have watched it before and really love it. Not very often will we have a family movie night in, so when we do, we really enjoy it. We had lots of snacky foods such as sausage rolls, sweets, chocolate, the girls' favourite chicken nuggets and much more. It was lovely to spend some quality time with them- they are growing up too quickly.

I also planned a little surprise Birthday and Halloween party for my little nephew who's turned 4 years old. The girls had no idea that they were going to come home to celebrate their cousin's birthday but also have a little Halloween celebration too. When they all came home, they were so excited. I decorate the fireplace with a few bits that we received from HMV and I laid out some snacks for their party food. We played a few games and they all had some tattoos which they were super excited about and they all absolutely loved them. It was such an exciting and fun happy afternoon with them all. There's nothing better than seeing a huge smile on your children's faces.

* We were kindly given some goodies from HMV to write this post. However, all words are my own.

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